Mistakes are a fun thing in life. Whether we knowingly make them or not, they can actually lead to better results than we planned. It is always intriguing to look at how different people react to “unplanned” events. Too many people try to live life in a sheltered manner. This stops us from taking big risks that will inevitably lead to larger mistakes. Mistakes are not that bad. I am here to convince nay sayers of this reality.

Picture the perfect life scenario for yourself. This came through utmost precision in every single aspect of your life decisions. You made the right decision every single time. Let’s take a minute to ponder this. If one is to make accurate decisions 24/7, there is an innate level of stress that occurs from that situation. We have to analyse painstakingly the possible paths.

In making mistakes, one can be better off than those who are always right and deeply analytic. Due to the mistakes we make, we can learn faster. We can recover quicker. We can jump into uncertain waters. We can dive deeply into the larger scale problems that we face everyday; All of this can happen when we let go of the fear of being wrong.

So next time try being open to making the wrong decision. It may lead you down a path that is better than the first initial “logical’ path.