Seeking Help

After a weekend with friends I can say that I learned a lot. Something that I think all of us fall victim to is the following: not looking for outside help. When I think about my life, there are a lot of times where I could have had outside help. A lot of my problems in the moment seemed minuscule and secular. I continuously felt that if I had a problem that it is my onus to fix it. I shouldn’t burden others.

This mindset really is a waste of time. I think that society tells us that we should strive to fix ourselves. There are a plethora of resources to use on ourselves for healing. This can be yoga, meditation, and other mediums. But nothing will beat having others help you out. It takes courage to believe that others will not hurt you. It takes courage to give full faith in others. It surely takes courage to say that you know you can’t do everything by yourself.

For all that we do, the world is constantly going to evolve. New challenges will arise. It is futile to believe that you as an individual can handle it all. The goal of human society should be to lift others up. So why not. Why not. Why not?

I know I need help, and so do you.

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