Slow and Steady

After a lot of analysis I have come to this overlying conclusion with life. Doing things as fast as possible is not necessarily efficient. Why rush into things? Different areas of life need full attention. Why not build consistency within life? Why not appreciate the innate ability to sit back and enjoy what comes to you?

I come to realize this after seeing the amount of hysteria that anyone’s life is. In particular for me, I see that I usually mess up when I try to rush into things. I do not do well. I flounder. I feel helpless.

Maybe if I take a step back, less will be problematic. This does not mean that one should not have lofty goals. This just means that these goals should be worked on in a slower and steady pace. Half of the fun with many dreams and aspirations is the journey to get there. When rushed, the journey is not as exciteable.

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