If you think that statement is hyperbolic and melodramatic, then this article is for you.

Presumably you at least “believe in” the science of anthropogenic global warming and the unprecedented threat it poses to the future of life on Earth (if not, then that’s a different conversation). Every few months you probably talk about or share news about the latest troubling UNIPCC report or latest climate disaster headline highlighting what an existential emergency the situation already is, but when it comes to actually deviating from the political status quo we tend to act as if climate change and electoral politics exist on two completely different planets. …

It’s been a month since I attended the Democratic National Convention as an at-large delegate for Bernie Sanders representing the state of Georgia and only now am I beginning to fully process and assimilate all that transpired. Those four days spent in the historic city where our very republic was founded were a relentless montage of ugliness and inspiration and beauty and tragedy and loss, and just enough hope to get through it. …


Scott Brown

Disgruntled mammal, Bernie2016 delegate, vegan, retired activist, unperturbed realist, master of noise

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