In the las few weeks, IETF, ETSI and 5G PPP have provided important progress reports of their 5G activities. ETSI work to evolve today’s (IP) networking protocols towards 5G saw the first Next Generation Protocols specification completed. IETF released 3 new documents looking at network slicing, virtualization and ID location splits in 5G Networks. 5G PPP issued its 2016 annual journal with an update of the 17 programs under EU’s Horizon 2020 and views of technology and spectrum for 5G.

Next Generation Protocols (Image Source: ETSI)

IETF Has New Proposals for Virtualization, ID Split and Network Slicing in 5G

Telefonica, SigFox and InterDigital are sponsoring a virtualization IRTF. The document outlines how network virtualization is a more complex problem…

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Dec 12, 2016 by 5G-MAGAZINE

Happening in 5G, AT&T with Intel and Ericsson kick off 5G trials aim at enterprise use cases; startup VisBit shows off Mobile AR, VR, 3-D Video; at MIT, work to incorporate Network Coding for 5G virtualization; in Europe, Huawei is behind the latest 5G deals with BT for research in areas covering from basestations to network slicing, and with FastWeb for the first 5G MVNO using smallcells; Finally, 5G mmWave links in the 60 GHz band being tested in San Diego reach up to a record 800 meters, and deliver content to eight homes at a time at up to…

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his Connectivity Lab team announce a new point-to-point wireless transmission record of 20 Gbps in a 13 Km point-to-point link, with a spectral efficiency of 9.8 bps/hz, using the same amount of power it takes to light a single lightbulb. DoCoMo reports groundbreaking results in two of its 5G trials; one trial with Samsung’s 28 GHz equipment delivering 2.5 Gbps to a device moving in a train at 150 km/h; and the other trial with Huawei’s 4.5 GHz equipment delivering an spectral efficiency of 79.82 bps/hz/cell. Qualcomm announces a new 5G NR Spectrum Sharing testbed…

This week brings us three new trials announced by operators DoCoMo, KT and LG UPlus in cooperation with their respective OEM/chipset partners; it also brings news of a cooperation agreement between China and Taiwan to research and develop 5G technologies; and finally a look at how MIMO and Beam-Forming are key technologies to realize the promisse of 5G.

1. Record 31 Gbps In LG UPlus Demo with Huawei Basestation

South Korea’s mobile operator LG Uplus in cooperation with Huawei reports reaching 31Gbps using a 5G test basestation and test terminal operating in the 28 GHz frequency band, which is considered to be one of the key spectrum bands that Korea will…

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Facebook’s Telecom Infra Project (TIP) had its first summit in California, and the results are impressive: The introduction of Voyager, the availability of full OpenCellular specs. the addition of new members, and the establishment of TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centers around the world. With this, Facebook efforts to transform the telecommunications industry with an OCP data center like approach continue at brisk pace.

What is Facebook’s Telecom Infra Project (TIP) and Who Are the Members?: Facebook announced TIP in February 2016 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. TIP is the way for leading technology providers to develop new technologies and rethink…

Oct 28, 2016 Biz, Tech & Market Update

This week’s 5G happenings include a standards update from ETSI/3GPP, a report from Huawei confirming that polar codes meet 5G air interface requirements, a 5G live-test by Telia and Ericsson hitting 3 milliseconds latency & 15 Gbps peak speed per user, a look at Google connectivity strategy scaling back fiber and uping mobile plans, and NFV with OpenStack head to become 5G building blocks.

Image Source: 5G Magazine

1. State-of-The-Art 5G Standards from ETSI/3GPP

Out of the Broadband World Forum 2016, we highlight the update from ETSI CTO Adrian Scrase about taking “5G from Myth to Reality: The why, when where and how of 5G standards” with these key remarks…


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