Blackbird Bakery

Tarte au citron
Best cherry pie ever!

Blackbird Bakery is on Bainbridge Island, Washington. This wonderful bakery is everything a bakery should be: 1) When you walk in you get that wonderful waft of fresh-baked aromas, 2) the selection is quite varied, 3) everything is super fresh, 4) ingredients are the best, 5) service is great, 6) and everything, literally everything, is delicious! How do I know this? Because I visited 3 times and tried many of the offerings. I didn’t get to try their toast which they are known for but I saw it at the table next to me and I can assure you it is yummy. Even the jams are house-made.

Also, I should mention, I called at the last minute to order a birthday cake and they happily accommodated with one of the best cakes I have ever had, coconut lemon. This is a labor-intensive effort. I know because it actually tasted just like the one I have made many times over the years: Italian merengue frosting, lemon curd filling, and fresh coconut. Took me 2 days to make this cake. How do you like the improvised birthday candle? :)

Here are some pics. Leftovers of THE best cherry pie I have ever had and the delicious lemon tart the birthday girl’s daughter got for the celebration of her beautiful mom’s birthday. Hope you get to go!

PS Have the granola. It’s absolutely delicious!!