Reins Therapeutic Horsemanship Program

It is no surprise to me that when reading the Reins Therapeutic Horsemanship Program “About Us” on their website that there is not even a mention of the woman who runs the place. Deborah Shinner, Executive Director seen in the photo to the right, started as a volunteer at Reins 25 years ago and it is clear this woman was born to lead. I had the privilege to meet her the day I visited and got the feeling instantly that she would be successful whether directing a team of instructors, volunteers, and horses or a huge corporation of thousands of employees. It is clear she 1) loves what she does, 2) knows what she’s doing, and 3) everyone at Reins loves and respects her. My friend Sandy, who took another friend and me on a tour of the facility, couldn’t say enough good things about her.

At Reins, located in beautiful Fallbrook, California, the trickle-down effect of such great leadership is apparent at every turn. Employees such as my friend Sandy, pictured below with friend and volunteer Seanna (also in the feature photo), who is a PATH Registered Instructor, love working at Reins. You can just feel the energy exuding from everyone you encounter. Everyone is smiling. Even the horses! While we were there one wee little one kept turning all the way around on her mount to smile and wave

Here’s what Reins has to say about their mission:

“The mission of REINS Therapeutic Horsemanship Program is to provide physical, mental, and emotional therapy to a wide range of disabled children and adults through the use of carefully supervised horseback riding. The benefits of this therapy are both mental and physical and include normalization of muscle tone, increased balance & coordination, developments of speech & language, and improvements in body awareness & self-esteem.”

For information about Reins or their upcoming events (their big hoedown is October 15th) please visit their website here:

PC: Mendy Giapapas