Revival — Minneapolis


I’m pretty sure this will be the only time the featured photo for a 5 Heart Rating will be a picture of leftovers we got to share with some homeless people from one of the most fabulous meals I have ever had. Separate from the dining experience I had at Revival in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I also had the once-in-a-life-time privilege of eating at this great establishment with a top food critic. I’ll get to that in a separate 5 Heart experience. For now, let’s talk about this great restaurant. Though it may be difficult to separate the Revival experience from the fact that we were the guests of Minneapolis’s top food critic, Rick Nelson.

I can’t even remember if I actually looked at the menu. So much of the evening seemed like a dream to me. Every bite and especially every word out of Rick’s mouth when he commented on the food seemed so perfect. He would say exactly what my tastebuds were thinking. How does he do that! ? And I distinctly remember Rick retrieving his notes from his pocket to write down what I had to say about something. I can’t remember what I even commented on; I just remember the fact that Rick cared what I was saying about the food. (I think that may have been my 15 seconds of fame.)

Our table was literally overflowing with food. Rick mentions this fact in his review of Revival which you will find below. I have never seen that much food on one table. Which says a lot coming from a family of 11.

There were two things we had that I do distinctly remember — the fried chicken and the burger. Oh my! You’ve probably already guessed we shared/sampled everything. I guesstimate we had over 20 things from the menu. Okay, back to the Tennessee Hot chicken (there are 4 variations including gluten free) and the Revival Burger. Note: You may want to just skip right to Rick’s review at this point and read a real review by a a real writer and enjoy great lines like this: Previous local attempts at Southern fare have generally harbored about as much authenticity as Dick Van Dyke’s community theater Cockney accent in “Mary Poppins.” Omg that made me laugh! (Just realized Rick Nelson would never write “Omg” in his reviews.) I think it’s time for me to move on to my next 5 Heart Rating before I become too much of my own critic.

Read Rick’s review from the Minneapolis Star Tribune here:

And here’s a link to the restaurant. You do not want to miss it: