The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See

I’ve been fortunate to “read” many good books in the last couple of years on Audible, another 5 Heart Rating. The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See (see photo) and a great cast of narrators is no exception. This novel reads like a true story and is written with such descriptive narrative that I felt I was right there in the Yunnan village with the Akha people. I could smell and taste the tea leaves. But most important for me is the fact that I learned so much! I have been drinking tea my entire adult life and have even lived in Japan where I sipped some of the best green tea in the world. And just when I didn’t think I could appreciate great tea any more, this book showed up.

Apparently, according to Tim Seymour, asset manager and financial commentator on the biz network CNBC, “…folks in NYC paying top dollar for specialty teas”.

I don’t think the appreciation for tea is going to wane anytime soon. And I believe novices and officianados alike will certainly appreciate this book. As one reviewer puts it, it is “informative, interesting, intriguing”. I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s a link to the book on Audible and a Bloomberg article Tim Seymour shared on Twitter regarding the black tea industry in Kenya. Pretty interesting stuff: