White Rock Winery

It is with a heavy heart that I am sharing the above letter from the owners of White Rock Vineyards. Just this past year I had the pleasure and privilege to not only visit White Rock Vineyards and tour the beautiful estate, but also got to meet Henri Vandendriessche, the owner along with his wife, Claire, patriarch of the White Rock family, and winemaker. (It pays to know people who know people. Thank you Melanie and Linda!)

I came away wishing I could spend hours with Henri. I remember thinking also that I’d wished I had gotten a picture with him. He is a larger-than-life giant of a man (I’m guessing 6' 6") with a depth of peace and refinement and pride in his life’s work that is rare.

The winery is among the most unique I have experienced as you can see from the photos I took of the white rock caves. They produce a wonderful Claret which I had not had in many years. The history of the vineyards is long and deep dating back to 1870. Taken directly from White Rock’s website here’s the story:

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