The N2O ECO Standard ML implementation.

This page contains the description of WebSocket and static HTTP server implementation and protocol stack for application development of top of it that conforms to N2O ECO specification.

As you may know there was no WebSocket implementation for Standard ML until now. Here is the first WebSocket server with switch to static HTML if needed for serving host pages of WebSocket client. The demo echo application is presented as N2O protocol for Standard ML languages at final.

$ wscat -c ws://
connected (press CTRL+C to quit)
> helo
< helo

We also updated N2O…

Today I’m gonna recommend you Calm application, your personal mindfulness meditation guru. Based on Jon Kabat-Zinn books and works this audio guide reveals non-sectarian meditations. Narrated with different voices meditation track contains Daily Calm series on Awareness, Patience, Impermanence, Present Moment Focusing and other useful techniques for integrating continuous meditation to daily life. The application also includes breathing cycles metronomes which are known to be useful from sutras.

I assume this is in the top 3 of personal tools you’re using to enhance you limitless life flying, stay present, reduce mind-wandering, overcome distractions. Playing and listening to this application is like meeting the teaching, true guru appeared in front of your ears. It’s not free, but you are allowed to hear a 7 days course.

Breathing Metronome

Styling a life is not a big deal. The real question is to present the ultimate, complete, victorious, perfect lifestyle.

Imagine all the lifestylers and photographers of Instagram with their beautiful photos of blue lagunas, vast skyspaces, infinite snow mountains, and mysterious lands of grazings with ships, cows, and unicorns. Most of them are outstanding guys, trying to help the wandering strangers be refreshing on a path with some pieces of art. Some of them are wannabe lifestylers, but some are true. …

Laiyor, Xizang, China

Here is the reason why we use EMQ based stack of libraries by Feng Lee instead of MQTT solutions by other vendors.

As you may know, I was creating messaging apps 1) in pure Erlang, I mean storing messages inside Erlang process queues. This simple idea of BEAM usage is well suited for transient in-memory data. However be prepared to reinvent the wheel and build your own PubSub solution. 2) using AMQP and RabbitMQ as a server, however I dislike this because you need to deal with rabbit_common and amqp_client, and with Riak libs that means you will have code…

What is the most concise, modern, robust and practical protocol for Chat Messagers? We did it all.

I did messaging platforms three times, each time using different technology. In university, I was charmed by relational algebra and keep everything in normal forms and OLAP cubes. Later I discovered the deep world of LDAP and X.500 protocols along with BER encodings and ASN.1 notation.

SyncML — Forever young

We started at Synrc in 2005 the Contact Sync startup based on SyncML protocol and its extensions. Those days all NOKIA phones were able to sync over SyncML and seemed nothing could stop us, unless only NOKIA…

Namdak Tonpa

Wandering Artist

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