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Francois Ward

I understand your point abut trying to highlight materials for those trying to hit the basics. I guess I am seeing an almost silent revolution to seeing JS become way *way* more FRP oriented. I think that in a few years, a deep understanding of that model of programming will matter a lot more than it does now.

Consider now that the promise pattern, is somewhat mainstream now, and likely was for a year or so now. However, those who started pioneering the pattern were doing it many many years ago (i mean in the context of js libs and frameworks).

I’m putting FRP in a similar light. RX is makign its way into angular 2, React clearly is a loveletter to FRP (though highly object oriented all the same) and the full-on emergence of frameworks like cycle.js/motorcycle and the like all point the same direction.

I feel the same as you about observables, and TC39. I think that more ground-level evangelism has to occur before they are a fully adopted programming pattern.

I think the big leap is when you realise that FRP is not only for as you put it “ event streams or this massive amount of side effects”. Its for everyday coding too, like simply handling events, or basic gestures- like drag and drop. There’s even a video from jsconf of someone building a fully functional video game in about 10 minutes and minimal code using FRP techniques. Its as ‘fundamental’ as Object-oriented techniques are, in that is covers a great deal of use-cases (not just orchestrating async server calls). Its not alone of course! You’d be shocked how many people are amazed that promises are good for say, managing animation or build steps…anything async. FRP is similar. It just scales well enough that folks tend to use it in larger, more complex things right out.

Appreciate the article, and the link to your other article as well!

Also, its freaking amazing that you’ve responded to almost every comment on this post. Nice.

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