Men, #DoBetter!

I am calling on all the men in my life (online and IRL) to #DoBetter.

Yes, YOU! Every one of you!

#DoBetter, not because you are seeing more than one #MeToo pass by on your feeds (like it’s a new phenomenon), but because there shouldn’t need to be one in the first place.

#DoBetter, not because you have a daughter/sister/mother/NB friend or family member, but because NO ONE deserves violence based on their gender or gender expression.

#DoBetter because coming forward and admitting to be a survivor of violence should NEVER be met with shame or blame.

#DoBetter because the response to ANYONE who trusts enough to confide in us that they are survivors, should be to believe them, not question them.

#DoBetter because only men can/should change and it’s up to US to hold each other accountable.

Also, if I have EVER done anything to make any woman or femme presenting person feel unsafe, please let me know. My intent does not absolve the impact of my actions/words.

Because only after you know better, can you #DoBetter!

So let’s chat. What concrete action(s) will you take to end misogyny?

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