Championship Bound

5 Tips For Fantasy Football Stardom

This week, I am going to be giving some Fantasy Football tips to help you make your Playoff Push.

A lot of times as a Fantasy Football player, we tend to lose focus on the overall concept and whole picture. Instead, we dive in on the names that are most familiar to us. Maybe you know all the players, new or old, but even still when forming your team you may tend to go away from certain strategies and make a bold pick here or there. There is nothing wrong with this necessarily.

If you had a chance to do it all over you might fall into the temptation of drafting Patrick Mahomes in the first or second round. Drafting strategies differ from person to person and everyone has their personal preferences. But a lot of times the separation between good and the great Fantasy Football teams starts with a conceptional strategy. It isn’t just about picking the best player available. It is often “What position should I go after?” or “How do I stack up depth wise on certain positions?”. If you can go deeper than just which player to pick, you are already starting off on the right foot.

Yes, it is midway in the season, but the same idea applies: It’s not all about who you have, but what you have. This week, I will be giving five Fantasy Football tips to help you make your playoff push!

Tip #1: Streaming Defenses

The Chicago Bears defense have been the best defense in Fantasy to this point after not being drafted highly.

If you drafted Jacksonville or Philadelphia defense in your Fantasy draft, you have been disappointed in their performance this season. It is instead defenses like Chicago and Miami, who broke up and helped put up solid Fantasy points. No defense is a sure thing. In fact, it varies week-to-week. It depends on the match-up, which make streaming defenses based on their match-up a helpful technique. Every week swap out your defense for a defense with a good match-up that week. Why have a defense going up against like the Patriots in your lineup no matter how good their defense is.

Tip #2: Use the Waiver Wire to your advantage.

Adrian Peterson is a Waiver Wire pick-up that made a difference for many.

Whether searching for Bye week replacements or just trying to improve your team, it never hurts to make Waiver Wire moves. Many great players every year come from the Waiver Wire, this year that includes guys like Adrian Peterson, James Conner, James White, and John Brown. With so many players not being on a team, lots of them are destined to break out. A lot of times injuries also help players become fantasy relevant. Football is a game that is constantly changing. So keep up with the change and make some moves!

Tip #3: Handicap Running Backs that get injured

Latavius Murray has been great in the relief of Dalvin Cook.

Handicapping allows you to have multiple running backs from the same team. By doing this, you ensure at least one Fantasy factor every week. Injuries and things happen and new running backs are constantly playing. If you can manage to grab a backup to one of your starting running backs, you can insure that even if one gets injured you have a replacement. I did this with Dalvin Cook(who ended up being out longer than expected) and I was not disappointed.

Tip #4: Make your move!

When your team could win it all, it is okay to invest heavily in them NOW and not as much later.

This tip is mainly for dynasty players. If you have a great team that is star studded and could win now, it is not a bad idea to trade away some of your future draft capital in an attempt to stack your team even more. Championships are hard to come by and only one team can win. If your team is in position to make a push for the championship, don’t be afraid to try to make a move to help increase your chances. Vice versa, if your team is bad don’t be afraid to give up your star players in an attempt to rebuild and get more depth. By this point of the season you have a general understanding of where you fall, so make sure you make a move to avoid mediocrity.

Tip #5: Play favorable match-ups and go based off trends

The Raiders moved on from Amari Cooper as well as the idea of making the playoffs this year.

Fantasy Football isn’t strictly based off talent, but opportunity. I have mentioned this before in articles, but match-ups really make or break a player’s performance. Opportunity is everything. Play the favorable match-ups and take advantage of when players are playing teams like the Raiders. Also, if a player is catching fire make sure to play him. He doesn’t need to be a household name. If he has good stats and looks to have good opportunity, then don’t be afraid to play him. Match-ups and trends are important to look at when setting your lineup.