5 mins recap about my 2017

There are so many ups and downs for me in 2017, but i can summarise them in 3 time frames.

  1. Good time
Let me start with the good part. My wife gave me the most precious treasures for my life in 2017 which was our twin boys. we love them so much and they have born healthy and handsome. And i had been in failures so many times and struggling for something and couldn’t give enough time for my family in 2017 but my wife never gave up on me and she encouraged me to get back up. Thank you my wife you are the strongest woman in this planet that i have ever met. You all made my 2017 as Good time.

2. Falling time

Well, in 2017 this was my first time meeting with failure so deeply and it treated me so bad and i couldn’t even breathe. i remember the day i had to decide to shut down one of my businesses with total lost. This was my very first time and the feeling was so bad. We literally lost over 100,000 US$ from life time saving of not only me and but also my family and relatives money. Moreover, it made me in debt with 50,000 US$ over the lost. it was a total embarrassment and at that time i didn’t even know how to deal with that and i even cried and asked myself how could this happened to me. I lost myself from inside deeply both mentally and physically, i gained so much weight by drinking alcohol and i had no ideas what to do at that moment.

3. Re bouncing time

there are 2 main supporting energy that i got to re-build my life from the darkness, more religious and more encouragement from my wife. As Buddha said, inner peace and will power are the best tools that we can use to build up our mind. I followed the Buddha ways and it made me calm down and clear enough to see the truth, i mean not just pray, i followed the buddha ways very deeply and it started changing my perspective on life. So i started making a decision on how i would like to re-build my life again and from that point i promise to myself, no matter how hard it is or how bad the struggle is, i will never give up and i will never cheat on myself. This is a self discipline i need to promise to myself first.
Then i went as my plan, woke up every day 5am or earlier with no excuess, i remembered some nights, i had only 2 hours sleep, as you know sleeping with twins are not that easy but again no excuess. Then I had read 18 books in 2017 and the first thing and the last thing i made in every day is meditation. And i trained myself so hard to transform my body and I lost 44 lbs in few months with gain some muscle. So a lot of people asked me how you did it, only people who has been falling down deeply can understand my feeling, i had lost total confidence on everything. So i worked out every day not to re-build my body to look good, i am building my confidence for my mind to believe again that i can do it. And I put so much effort and crystal clear focus to my company and finally i have re-paid about 50% of my bad debt already.

I know, i still have too far to go, but i got the prepared mindset ready to face all the situations and circumstances. So dear 2017, thank you for the pains, it made me raise my game. Remember you are always one decision away from totally different life but if you are not mentally prepared, you are always not physically ready.

May 2018 be the year that you receive everything you’ve paitiently been waiting for.

Ahkar @ 5mins Daily

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