30 things I’ve learnt in the 30 years of my life

Yes — I’ve written a completely self-centred post about stuff I think is worth your attention. But hey — I’m 30 now and I no longer care about how that makes me look.

Image: Annie Spratt

So, here we go:

  1. The most important values in my life are: family, health and growth.
  2. Making decisions is easier when you know what your values are.
  3. There’s a lot of good and love in this world and in other people. There’s always more good than you think there is, and you should go and find it. You should tell people what you value in them.
  4. Nobody is right or wrong. There are just different points of view.
  5. There are some universal truths, such as love and respect.
  6. Your life is made up of what happens to you (10%) and how you react to it (90%).
  7. You should go and create opportunities for yourself and not wait for them. You should choose yourself rather than get chosen.
  8. You should always have a go at things. You won’t regret it.
  9. If you want something, you should ask for it. It’s the best way to increase the chances that the universe will understand what you need.
  10. Failure does not exist. Learning from mistakes exists.
  11. No regrets. 90% of the things you do in your life are your own decisions. You should take responsibility for that.
  12. Change starts within. Political ideology is not a good way of initiating change.
  13. Don’t worry about things you can’t change. Change things you’re not happy with, if you can.
  14. Things don’t have to be perfect. The world is not perfect and that’s the beauty of it.
  15. You don’t have to feel bad about staying in on a Friday night and watching Netflix while everyone else is partying.
  16. Time is the ultimate currency. If you can, pay for things that will buy you more time.
  17. Caffeine makes you more, not less tired.
  18. Alcohol is bad for you.
  19. Sugar is bad for you.
  20. Meat is bad for you but it’s also good for you. Vegetarianism is not for me. At least not now.
  21. A lot of things are bad for you but you can still enjoy treats in moderation.
  22. Some people can be bad for you. If they’re toxic, cut them out.
  23. Some people will take advantage of your kindness. You can either accept it or reject it, and you can choose which one you prefer.
  24. Some people will think you’re weird but that’s ok.
  25. You should follow your passion — sounds cliché but it’s true.
  26. You should take time to feel how your body feels — feel your feet as they touch the ground when you walk.
  27. You should notice the simple things around you and do it consciously — otherwise you’ll miss them. You should pay attention to plants and the elements because there’s beauty in them.
  28. You should take time to live in the present — it’s the only ‘time’ that’s real.
  29. Life and love are the purest forms of joy.
  30. You will only get wiser now.

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