Thursday, June 15 at the Haven Creative Space

Check the event page and attend!

Did you have fun at the HRVST Launch party last year? The Salt & Wine event won’t disappoint.

It’s been awhile since we’ve gathered those we love working with for some drinks and fun. Since our last pop-up, we’ve been working non-stop and producing great content with talented people. One of our latest projects includes Videoman’s Salt & Wine music video. The Montreal-based band is officially releasing their debut album on June 30th. Can’t wait that long? It’s also currently available for early access through Patreon.

We had an awesome time working on this project and we’re excited to bring you a live screening of the video on June 15th. The…

We’re always trying to up our social media game, and our number one priority when it comes to Instagram is to make sure we’re having fun with it. With this in mind, we decided to team up with Montreal creatives to introduce the ‘Instagram Story Takeover’. We’re featuring photographers, chefs, and artists around the city that show us what they do, what they love and what makes them who they are.

Collaboration is one of the things that we love doing most here at 5 Pound Media. Developing ideas and creating content with the help of other creative individuals not…

This weekend, the HRVST Team has been kind enough to give us a table at their Pop-up shop event. We’ll be alongside an extensive list of local Montreal brands such as Main and Local, Dom Rebel, Park and Finch & Orobru Coffee Co.

Live music and free drinks will be provided, it’s a no-brainer.

In case you missed the last event!

Here’s the deal: We’ll be printing and selling 5 photos taken by us, at 5 prints per photo (8" by 10"). Check out the prints first-hand; see if you can spot the theme:

Our services are designed for you

“You guys do photo and video?” — this is what people continuously ask upon first meeting us. They’re not wrong, we do photo and video, but we also do much more than that. We’ve done the rounds: “we also build Strategies!” or “we’re actually Digital Marketers!” but it still never felt sufficient.

Photo, Video, Social Media & Strategy; how do we encompass this into one simple phrase?

As self-proclaimed entrepreneurs, our services are built around that same entrepreneurial spirit; as if your business is our own. The people we work with are obsessed with innovation and creativity, and we are…

Find us in Le Château Saint-Ambroise!

As of today, we’ve officially moved (again) into HRVST’s new Saint Henri digs, at Le Château Saint-Ambroise. We’ve become part of a tight network of talented people who help produce a client’s full content needs from start to perpetuity. Working alongside other companies such as HRVST, clients now have access to a full-service production team under one roof, without sacrificing quality. We all stick to what we know and do best; from Design to Media Production and Strategy.

New office may or may not contain some taxidermy.

We’re setting up a photo studio within the office that we want you to come by and check out for yourself. Get…

Why is no one viewing your media content?

In an increasingly fragmented and competitive digital landscape, it’s becoming progressively difficult to make a lasting impression. Luckily for you, it is more accessible than ever to market your product relative to last generation’s Print and Television mediums. The bittersweet state of our digital world demands marketers to earn a consumers mind-share rather than buy it.

Below is our checklist for making digital footprints that will last!

Define your anchor

Your brand and its message are the anchor for your marketing plan. Consumers need to relate to and like your mission statement, or (buzz-words aside) “greater purpose”. …

What to expect from us in 2016.

New Brand Platform; redefining our purpose.

We had humble beginnings; two video geeks working together out of our parents’ place as we made our way through University.

2016 is a defining year for us. We’ve gained the (educational & work) experience to successfully create content, define solid strategies and implement them. It is now time to begin applying what we know creatively to a commercial environment.

We’ve graduated in to our new brand platform, expanding our knowledge to broader mediums, all while delivering our trademark no-frills content that we’re known for — just on a much larger scale. …

5 Pound Media

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