200 followers on Medium.

I recognize 200 isn't many in the overall universe of Medium users, but it’s thrilling nonetheless. 200 people liked something I wrote enough to click that “Follow” button under one of my articles.

Sure, that doesn't guarantee they will actually read anything else I write. Or, that they’ll like it if they do.

Still, they went to the effort, and I appreciate each and every one of them (or you, if you follow me and are reading this).

I enjoy my time on Medium — I get to read interesting stories from interesting people, some famous and some not-so-famous. Heck, I read a great piece by Matthew McConaughey earlier.

side note: it’s interesting his byline simply reads “McConaughey” — I don’t ever think I’ll be that cool or have that name recognition. Or, drive a Lincoln.

The time I spend here expands my horizons: it makes me smarter, and has facilitated me making new friends!

Not to mention it has helped me reach an audience I probably wouldn't have reached otherwise. My top two articles received over 32,000 views so far and, combined, I've received a few hundred “Recommends.”

Again, I recognize it’s not a lot in the overall universe of Medium users, but it’s thrilling nonetheless.

So, thank you all. I’ll keep trying to write stuff that’s worthy of reading. Speaking of which, I should have something new up next week about the misconceptions of mindfulness and meditation...see you then.

I’m the founder of meditationSHIFT — since 2003, we’ve been teaching people to understand and overcome the problems created by their compulsive minds.

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