My Two Cents on Instagram Stories and the Evolution of Social Platform
Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is special because he has a team of people working all of these platforms. The busy person who runs a business doesn’t have time to focus and WATCH all of them. Wish I did. Example I barely watch Gary on any platform because the bullshit of follow me here , screen capture this and send it to that mentality. If an article compelling like this comes up, I’ll read it. I can see the benefit of this feature because more and more people are following my posts on Instagram. Some “platforms” work better than others depending on your business type and customer base. You have to experiment on all of them to see what works best.

I can tell you that with Pokemon Go coming out and seeing the masses of people consumed with it, the attention being paid will kill the attention grab on other social platforms. Startups like BEME will have a difficult time trying to get a piece of that attention.