My Biggest Personal Branding Mistake
Brittany Krystle Hoffman

I have no idea what your personal brand is. You seemed to not have learned much from working at Vayner. When you look at Gary’s posts on all platforms there is a running theme. Yours is modeling on Instagram? Branding chatter on Medium? Enlighten me. Something to think about. Everyone is very concerned about the “brand” with little else to back it up. There seems to be a lack of people actually selling physical goods for example. Somehow the “Brand” is going to yield success without the hard work required to actually make something and market it. One thing that I truly despised and probably the reason I no longer care to watch Gary’s blog is because he never interacts with people who manufacture goods. Don’t get me wrong, they are works of art and inspiring but exemplify the issue at hand. Being creative at marketing a brand that does nothing will yield a big zero. Goods and services are always needed. Few step up to the plate to actually do the work required.

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