Flying with a Wounded Wing: Why Twitter Still Has More Than a Chance
Gary Vaynerchuk

I’ve mentioned this many times and it’d constantly ignored by yourself as well at Chris Sacca. The fact that Twitter’s algorithm is hacked by people allowing “bots” to follow and unfollow people who use certain hashtags, dilutes the validity of the data pool with this very popular hack. It’s that simple. Granted organic follows are real but the massive amount of inorganic followers is disproportionatly insane. I get so many follows then unfollows within a 24hr period because of hastags I use in a tweet. The people who use these systems always have an equal number of followers to who they follow. I see a massive amount of people cluttered with an equal amount of follows in the 10k to 100k range. What you have is a pile of shit. Twitter allowed this to happen, you ignore it, Sacca ignores it. Its the people who seem to have a huge stake in the stock, including institutional investors that need to convince themselves that by ignoring this fundamental problem of real valid data think that advertising results will magically turn around. You don’t see many small business’s running ads on Twitter as you do on Facebook. The big companies don’t mind the losses, small business does. The massive amount of cluttered feeds has basically turned Twitter into a 1970’s Telephone party line. Oh by the way, Gary follow me on Twitter.