Why Snapchat Will Be Great for B2B Companies
Gary Vaynerchuk

I would like to know how you can make “how to” videos on Snapchat that will not disappear over a period of time and be searchable. I happen to be in the “how to” video business and know it quite well. What you have to understand is that you need to be able to rewind , pause, stop and review it again as you one tries to comprehend it. This already works with great success on YouTube. The fact that Youtube content is searchable makes it an ideal platform. Watching in the comfort of your living room with a SmartTV is also a bonus. I’ve tried referring my fans to a Snapchat profile with very little success and to be quite honest I do not want to cheapen my brand with crap videos on Snapchat. Lets get real about something. People don’t start following you for the hell of it to watch plumbing videos. Its starts by one first saying “my faucet is leaking HOW DO I find out how to fix it”. When that person does find a well presented video on Youtube, subscribes to that channel , watches the video then hopefully buy parts because there is a link in the video that you can press and go directly to that person’s shopping cart, then amazingly everybody makes out okay. That is how “how to” videos are done in 2016.The reason my Youtube videos have max engagement is because of the quality and of course the great content. Because they are found by search. I’m clocking over 7500 viewing hours a month with only 49 videos and under 7500 subscribers. I run no ads and sell quite a bit of books and product from my videos because I give great information and do a hell of alot of jabbing in Vaynerspeach. As Snapchat refines its interface it’s possible that some of the key points I mentioned will be able to get accomplished. 100 million downloads does not mean anything. Whats App has a over hundred million downloads. Kik has over 100 million downloads. A 100 million downloads doesn’t define “mainstream”. Mainstream for who should be the question. And yes, Snapchat has a huge amount of videos daily uploaded to their servers. However most of these videos are just a few seconds long and let’s face it the majority of them have content that is pure nonsense.

By the way I’m available for consultation on how to videos Gary. Really want to barter? Hit me up.