Why are we worshiping at the cult of hustle?
Jay Baer

The Hustle Con / summit type expos have become a huge business filled with a bunch of speakers that really have no credibility. Its basically the old supply and demand. There is a bunch of people desperate to “make it” in this so called defined “new media era”. I would say most be people are deluded into to thinking that going to these lectures, cons, summits is going to transform them into some marketing genius. My twitter followers are all experts in media, SEO opt and growth hacking. I have no clue as to why that is, I don’t need their services nor do I care to follow them back. Now I love @garyvee . I think he is a genius. I have watched a few of his videos and he makes some valid points. I follow him, he doesn’t follow me. He should. If he had me on his show I guarantee his viewers would get a totally different take on hustle mentality and social media, growth hacking or whatever trendy catch word you want to call working hard. I’ve been doing what he has been doing longer and its natural to me. I do think sometimes he is too generalized on some of his statements in his keynote speeches. I don’t see him getting any insight from other people much or accepting other points of views. I’ve followed some others. They all seem to have the same prepackaged speech. So after watching these summit / con speeches on youtube with the same message, for some reason this bothers me. So if you want to listen to these people and get their message shoved down your throat and you come out feeling great about yourself and the money you have spent to feel enlightened is going to propel you into the stratosphere of business, go for it. However always question everything.