2 Dicks a Day
Brittany Krystle Hoffman

This article got me thinking simply because of the dick pics. You see, as I got more popular on Youtube, the amount of hate mail increased as well as negative posts. I don’t get dick pics sent to me or twat pics either. So I guess what it has come down to is that if you are female you will be more prone to receiving sexist pics rather than negative comments, but if you are male you are more prone to receive negative comments over sexist pics. I wake up everyday knowing that for every person that thinks I’m great and helped them out there is another that believes I’m a complete asshole.

This is the social media game. If you look at what is going on with violent protesting at rallies for example, people seem to have forgotten how to interact with people outside of IOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. People are confused and the confusion causes anger because they don’t know how to react because their minds have been conditioned to approve or disapprove of something by hitting like buttons or “unfriending” people they never had a real life relationship with in the first place.

Those dick pics? Probably just copied and pasted anyway.

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