Deciding How to Pick Between Your Two Passions
Gary Vaynerchuk

Two passions — Cars & Music. I spent a great deal of time as a touring drummer, studio musician, studio engineer. I got into my own business ( racing transmissions ) because as a touring musician I couldn’t hold a job. That was 1981. I didn’t think of doing anything else but playing my ass off and being in every studio I could get into in NYC as much as possible. I would go off for a few weeks, build some transmissions, get the cash and repeat the adventure. Well now its flipped. I felt I had to choose a path, but honestly the music biz was horrible. I wrestled with the idea of being a starving artist but it didn’t take long to see my musician friends still living like shit, it just made no sense. The business now is 24 x 7 and I tour very little, but I still combine the two. I use my musical chops to add music and production to my transmission instructional videos and therefore I guess the artistic side still gets used and combined. The book deals I got I believe were the result of knowing how to take good pics because imagery with music videos was something I always paid attention to. The attention my videos have gotten in the automotive world is humbling. They have opened alot of doors for me but as yourself I was up till 4am figuring shit out. I’m self taught on all platforms and attend some weekend seminars if I need a refresher on new stuff. Crushing it everyday….. for 34 years.

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