7 Reasons Why You’ll Likely Regret Not Working With Us

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I’m in my 4th year of working for Nelnet Communication Services, and I still love coming to work every day. My teammates are amazing, both professionally and personally. My work is both challenging and enjoyable, and I’ve had measurable personal growth during my time here.

Here are some reasons I plan to stick by this company for the foreseeable future, and why you should consider joining our team.

1. Your Manager and Teammates Will Value Your Contribution

Nelnet is a performance-based organization. Benefits of that include annual bonuses and raises. If you join our department, you’ll have regular 1:1 meetings with your manager to discuss concerns and celebrate victories.

Our department also has a weekly meeting that partially involves sharing kudos for our teammates, as well as a Slack channel for more in-the-moment kudos to be shared team-wide.

2. A Diversified Business Model Means A Variety of Work For Your Portfolio

The perception is that Nelnet is only about servicing government student loans — and that is in fact a large and important portion of what the company does. However, Nelnet has also diversified itself, both originating ideas in a startup-like fashion, and bringing companies under it’s umbrella that fall primarily in the education and finance sectors.

There’s a company that produces textbooks, another that helps K-12 families pay for private tuition, and another that provides business analytics. There are 20+ companies that have largely retained their own brand identity, making for a variety of tasks to work on weekly.

Our department has about 30 fun folk, and operates as an in-house advertising agency, including Account Executives, Creative Directors, Graphic Designers, Developers, and a Videographer. We create strategic plans and exceptional creative to meet the needs of these varied and unique companies.

Learn more about the Nelnet story.

3. Your Next Business Idea Can Begin Here

We have an in-house group we call Innovation Hub that takes submissions for business ideas from anyone in the company. Their job is then to vet the idea and research viability.

Among the successful ideas so far are a company that helps parents easily purchase needed school supplies, and one that donates a portion of purchases with a particular debit card at partnering vendors to the cause of your choice.

4. Our Department Works Hard and Plays Hard

You’ll find most of us in casual dress daily, and we enjoy gathering around the Big Table to enjoy laughs over lunch. We have a bi-monthly department social outing to a local establishment or to do a group activity. Nerf darts are occasionally fired, and we keep track of questionably quotable quotes on one of the whiteboards.

Some of our valued department attributes.

5. Nelnet is All About Community Involvement

This is seen in a few of the following ways:

  • Matching contributions to the causes of your choice
  • Participation and sponsorship of the American Heart Association Heart Walk
  • Investing in local startups and innovative companies, such as Hudl and ALLO

6. Ronchos

We have food day on Wednesdays, where you would partner with a teammate to help bring in some sort of delicacy around twice a year — anything from bagels to cookies to sloppy joes to… Ronchos. You’ll have to join us to be privy to the Roncho experience.

7. You’ll Love Your Job

If you love a fast-paced environment that challenges you to use all of your skills and creativity, then we’d love to have you join us. Our people are unbeatable, and you’ll feel like a part of the team from day one.

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