The Push Pull of Talent and Perseverance

Restlessness, insurmountable mountains, and lagging behind. At a crossroads with dull ideas and an uninspiring, almost crippling nest of thoughts tangled in my mind.

The grass is always greener.

As I grow in my professional career, well…..really just as I grow as a person, it’s becoming evident that in order to succeed in any pursuit, perseverance almost always trumps passion. Doing is more important than thinking about doing. The feeling of falling behind the pack and drifting into obscurity is strong, immovable and constant. But there is something to be done about it. Get to the business of doing.

Am I talented? Yes. Is everyone at something? Most certainly. It comes to bear immature fruit without the wisdom that comes from practice and persistence. The magic bullets don’t exist inside my gun. Passion is meaningless without action. For how can any of us communicate fervent passion passively? It won’t happen.

In whichever direction our paths in life take us, at some point, we lose our reason to walk. Not all of us of course, there are those who are endlessly motivated and blessed with a single-mindedness to let nothing stand in there way. For many of us, distractions abound in a world with dazzling lights and a paralyzing array of options can leave us stuck.

So sometimes, we must work our way through. Even when it’s uncomfortable, boring or routine. The routine may just be the tool that opens up the flow of ideas, leading to inspiration and clarity. I find routine confining, and it’s hard to work that way. But this could easily be life teaching me perseverance, and the importance thereof. I have achieved long term goals before, and it’s time to start anew, with new ones. How to go about this?

Many different irons in many different fires. For me, this can have two effects: So many projects to work on can spur me creatively with a fountain of ideas, some good and some bad, exploding violently but interestingly out of me. OR, it can cause a pang of sadness that I’m not completing so many of these projects.

But we must allow ourselves the luxury of untangling the mess in our minds, the mental clot blocking all of the ideas, through development of a process, and a working set of tools. Let the gates open, and provide flow.