Year 2082: Reflections on the Fall of the Corporations and the rise of the DAOs

By Futureman (Quinn Quibbleton)

Fifty years ago, the world was dominated by the corporate dinosaurs, who took what they pleased and destroyed anything standing in their way. Billions lived in poverty, despite the abundance that existed on the planet — victims of the archaic centralized systems that consistently misallocated resources due to greed, inefficiency, and incompetence.

A small number of people controlled immense wealth and power and concerned themselves not with how to make the world a better place for all humans, but rather how to get rid of as many of these “useless eaters” as possible. Population control was always the first and last topic discussed at any meeting of these oligarchs. It was as much of an obsession as how to implement even more control over the “sheeple,” as they liked to call the masses.

Their plan to dominate humanity was insidious — create fiat money that they control, and use that money to prop up corporations and oppress small businesses, bribe the allegiance of corrupt politicians, manipulate governments to become more centralized, distort commodity markets to keep prices low and producers poor, take ownership of all of the land and assets on Earth, and implement a one-world government that they control.

Their plan was working wonderfully until Bitcoin and blockchain technology came around and threw a wrench in the works. Suddenly the world had access to a tool that was capable of implementing decentralized governance structures that were efficient and effective. Soon, the best and brightest minds in the world flocked to this technology and started innovating with crypto, NFTs, and DAOs. The oligarchs were faced with an obstacle to their grand plans that they didn’t expect. Their response was horrific.

When faced with the reality that decentralized systems were rising up, the oligarchs had no choice but to speed up their timeline for implementing their one-world centralized government. What followed was a series of catastrophes all over the world — some by their design, some just coincidence, and they used every catastrophe as an excuse to steal more power and impose more restrictions on the freedoms of the people.

They sped up their plan to inflate the US dollar until it collapsed in hyperinflation, and they tried to impose a new world reserve currency that was entirely controlled by the Bank of International Settlements, the crown jewel of their empire. Once they had control of the world’s reserve currency with no elected officials looking over their shoulders, it would be game over. They would be able to manipulate every government in the world and control all of the world’s resources.

Fortunately, that never happened. Instead, the world witnessed the rise of Bitcoin as the preferred global reserve currency, and the rise of NFT communities and DAOs as the preferred business models. These decentralized organizations spread like wildfire across the globe, with people everywhere forming and joining NFT communities. At first, the Establishment wrote it off as a fad — profile pictures for social media and a club to hang out in. But then these communities started to fund projects and businesses of all kinds, and the power of decentralized governance became clear — anything a corporation could do, a DAO could do better.

Within a few decades, every corporation on earth either went bankrupt, or their shareholders revolted and forced the boards to turn these companies into DAOs. It happened so quickly that the Establishment couldn’t stop it. They decided one last desperate attempt to seize control, by unleashing a global scam of a fake alien invasion. This was their failsafe plan if everything else went wrong.

The news media had even been slowly getting people ready to believe that aliens exist and have been visiting Earth. When it appeared that they had no hope of winning, they implemented the fake invasion by destroying a small city, and blaming it on aliens. The media had the footage to prove it, too — a clear picture of a UFO hovering over the city as the city disintegrated. The US president went on tv to declare that we were being attacked by aliens, and nearly everyone believed him. Fortunately, someone discovered the truth and was able to prove that the UFO was actually a drone cloaked in a 3D hologram, and the weapon was a new invention that created a resonance that turned everything to dust, which was based off of Nikola Tesla’s research.

After the fake alien invasion scandal was exposed, the oligarchs were discredited and there was no going back. People all over the world demanded decentralized governance at every level, and over time, power was redistributed to the individuals. Today, we live in harmony on this planet, like being in the Garden of Eden. There is plenty for everyone, no one is hoarding resources, no one is manipulating markets, no governments are oppressing the people, no corporations are pillaging the world’s resources. The central banks and their corporations are extinct like the dinosaurs, and humanity has finally left the Dark Ages.



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