A Lovecraft Bookshelf – special Halloween Edition

october 25, 2017


what did #Lovecraft read?

gothic #horror reading list

👻 halloween meaning

how do you say that? saven?

i wonder how come we say ‘you will rue the day you ever saw him’

very Poe – raven wreath below

so, according to this list i’m supposed to visit an octoberfest today. good thing i like sauerkraut, and cabbage rolls.

# cult_fiction

the Three of Swords tarot card shown below


tasseomancy, or the art of tea-leaf reading

shang dynasty oracle bone shown above #china. The scapula bone of a tortoise would be heated on a fire until cracks formed. Then, the patterns of the cracks would be ‘read’ by the geomancer, in much the same way as someone would read tea leaves.

pit where many such bones were found #china

⚠️: some graphic images follow

Salem massachusetts is famous as the locus of the notorious witch trials that took place in the 17th century

nearby, in Pennsylvania where many dutch people settled including many Amish, you can still find ‘hex’ signs (fixed onto barns and home 🏡 to ward off evil)

is a distelink a kind of bird?

romans à clé – the detective novel – the 19th century marked the beginning of this genre of literature which remains popular to this day

early roman key/cle above

murders in the rue morgue – an edgar allan poe story

a page from poe’s original manuscript shown above

edgar allan poe, unhappy genius, has become almost a cottage industry of derivative art, film, and books.

his short unhappy life was marked by illness and tragedy…the death of his cousin-wife and his own death under extremely mysterious circumstances.

marie roget – another poe story turned into film

goldbug – a poe story. i dont think i read this story but it was turned into a ‘Night Gallery’ episode. (i might have gotten this mixed up with the Caterpillar, Night Gallery episode) horrifying, especially since i was only ten.

metzengerstein – this poe story is unfamiliar to me

game based on poe’s metzengerstein

horace walpole – the castle of otranto

the improbably named ‘strawberry hill house’ from where walpole wrote his gothic fiction.

the modern reader can go on tours of walpole’s estate in London, vast and impeccably furnished

the castle of otranto is considered the classic gothic romance, and has been translated into several languages

walpole’s round library above (looking forward to visiting it sometime, next trip to england, hopefully not during dark dreary November:)

walpole looks rather a dandy, portrait of a young Horace above

translating sentences like the above might be a bit tricky, however. but, typical of gothic literature, overblown, some might say…fervid?

a real life photo of a victorian era funeral. perhaps the young family perished during an epidemic of some sort

FRANKENSTEIN – the man-made ‘man’ – written by mary wollenstonecraft shelley

made into film many many times, spoofed and serious versions, derivative works such as ‘bride of frankenstein’ also

according to the graphic below it has been made into film 130 times! incroyable!

frankenstein explained

the circumstances surrounding the writing of frsnkenstein are well-known. Mary Shelley, Polidori and Byron while summering in lake geneva, switzerland, decide to do a writing challenge

here is an audiobook with a twist. rolling text. frankenstein in full. unabridged reading.

available on youtube

three works are produced: ‘frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus’,

Frankenstein would later be published anonymously in 1818 and was considered ‘heretical’ because it went against church doctrine that only God could create life

not dissimilar from the jewish legend of the golem. disaster befalls the man who dares create – disobedience, death

book by peter ackroyd

charlotte perkins gilman – bedridden in a yellow-papered room, the narrator of this very famous story slowly but inexorably goes mad. but is it the wallpaper or her doctor husband who is to blame?

the 19th century saw a surge of interest in the occult and spiritism, like table rapping, and seances where spirit mediums were called upon to communicate with the dead, or produce other phenomena…such as ectoplasms

vincent price indulges in a bit of satire in ‘Monster Mash'

e f bleiler

illsutration of frankenstein – above

Montague Rhodes James/better known as MR James

James was a scholar, antiquarian, and popular ghost story teller. His annual Christmas ghost story tale was a beloved event (i dont know how the telling of ghost stories became associated with christmas but there you go…) how domwe explain how the christmas tree, a pagan ritual became a christmas tradition?

the goldbug part 1 – v enjoyable

another Poe tale

the goldbug part 2

algernon blackwood – an american writer whom Lovecraft admired

the german student

erckmann chatrian were a writing duo (which is rare) but towards the end of their career they had a falling out, and apparently never spoke to each other again


the werewolf – stories of werewolves date back at least to roman times, according to lovecraft


sheridan lefanu – lovecraft particularly admired Le Fanu’s writing

born in dublin his parents were irish and french and lovecraft attributed his peculiar genius to his mixed heritage and linguistic capabilities

carmilla is his most famous work

the werewolf in roman legend sometimes called lycanthropes

also referred to as shapeshifters, especially in native american legends

gaston leroux early pioneer of the roman a cle – mystery or detective story

best known for’ le phantome de l’opera ‘ hit musical and many many film adaptations

was a lawyer and a journalist

and did a lot of court reportage

gaston laroux – the yellow room

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‘i’m here…’


‘all i ask of you’ christine and her lover sing while the Phantom looks on


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photo of gaston leroux

un cle/a key

phantom of the opera takes place at paris’ Opera Garnier

‘she was a phantom of delight…’

murders in the rue morgue – ea poe

bodice-rippers are kind of descendants of the early gothic pioneered in england



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Lovecraft’s visage can best be described as ‘lugubrious’, sombre rather than craggy, resembling a tombstone more than anything else. it quite matches the character of his writings, morbid, dark, strange… his theme is primarily what he describes as “cosmic terror”

the ‘old ones’ as well as a few other themes frequently pop up in his writings, also in many other writers’ works

cf ‘older than old’ ‘ancient of days’ (african myths)

‘eldritch’ is another favored Lovecraftian word/theme

Ambrose Bierce

ann radcliffe

clara reeve

coleridge – christobel

sir bertrand 1773

horace walpole

petronius – on. werewolves

phlegon on wonderful events

the upper berth marion crawford

m r james

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jessica lim

the turn of the screw by henry james

washington irving – the headless horseman

the german student

goethe the bride of corinth

corpse bride 👰 story

phlegon – on wonderful events

s baring gould


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“Lovecraft’s influential essay on horror written in 1927 “The Supernatural in Horror” surveyed horror fiction from its gothic romance beginnings, its European sources, and onward to its American heirs. This annotated bibliography contains information to weblinks you can use to find and read much of the horror fiction which Lovecraft considered to be great as well as the sources for the themes that continue to run through horror literature: our enduring fascination with demons, vampires, werewolves and the like. Most are now available to read on the net free of charge and many are also available in audio format. Lovecraft’s essay is reproduced in full at the beginning of this book.” J.Lim ed. and compiler (2016)

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Li Po – a floating life

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lovecraft had a puritan upbringing – new england in the eastern United States. picture the spectre of the salem witch trials still hanging over the dark wooded countryside

sparsely populated new england

nathaniel hawthorne’s 7 gables house in photo below (House of the Seven Gables)

At the Mountains of Madness is one of Lovecraft’s longest short stories – antarctica. discovery of an ancient #alien? civilization

available as an audiobook (tho there could be a better narrator than the one i heard on #youtube. check out a fee to find one whose voice you like to listen to. a little monotone and dry-voiced). really dislike the metallic tones of the machine -read ones. librevox.com. produced and read by volunteers)

also Audible.com for paid versions of books read out loud. many are also available from public library websites

Lovecraft has become a #cult phenomenon tho during his lifetime he barely managed to scratch out a living from the sale of his writings

lovecraft admired many but also had some scathing commentary about some of the #horror literature #pulp being published not only in his day but before to the beginnings of ‘modern gothic’ literature in England and the Continent

the color out of space is one of my favorites, about an ‘unimaginable’ color. Lovecraft thought it was much spookier to leave things to the imagination rather than default to a blood and gore style which he vociferously deplored

lovecraft admired a variety of writers such as

oliver wendell holmes – (famous american judge) elsie venner

british writer ann radcliffe

it was the heyday of a profound interest in spiritualism: seances, clairvoyance, mediums, ectoplasmic phenomena. many were skeptics but many more were believers. seance depicted above, where attendees tried to raise the spirits and communicate with the dead thru the presence of a medium, generally a female.

wilkie collins was an early bestseller

a highly prolific writer, but generally remains known thru two of his novels – woman in white and the moonstone

best known for his hit phenomena ‘the Moonstone’ and ‘woman in white’ collins produced easily several dozen novels as well as theatre adaptations, short stories etc

many were published in serial form, like Dickens’ novels

other writers Lovecraft surveys in his essay

3 volume/4 volume? – there must be different editions of Mysteries of Udolpho

tho most would consider Wuthering Heights as a romance novel…Lovecraft considered it had supernatural elements

childe harold

Arthur Machen

‘Great God Pan’ is a highly enjoyable story based on the Pan of greek myth

arsene lupin

Pan the god

more depuctions of Pan

usually depicted w horns

also admired was the british writer E Bulwer-Lytton

and of course edgar allan poe the master of american horror

for links to free public domain #horror #weird #literature surveyed by L please go to

my compilation of L’s classic essay ‘supernatural in horror’ 1927

available thru #amazon.ca .com. and other amazon international sites .jp .uk australia etc.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

  • the house of the seven gables pictured above

portrait of Hawthorne in sepia below

the Scarlet Letter

he also greatly admired the genteel scholarly scares provided by the writer MR James

famous for his snnual reading of the christmas 🎄 ghost story

which remains a traditiin to this day

radio 📻 play BBC

skme of his short stories (which eere his favored form) have been made into film (though surprisingly few)

genrrally start off with the discovert of a ‘hauntrd artefact’

eg a scroll, a painting, rtc

this trope still very popular to this day

eg. ‘the Historian’ by Elizabeth Kistovs

a mysterious book keeps appearing to

castle of otranto by horace walpole


bram stoker dracula