May 1, 2018 edition

a list of lists

Le Monde 100 best books of the 20th century

trying to find that list ‘of things not worth doing’ composed by Lady Murasaki? no success so far

list of varieties of tulips. now that spring is almost here 🌷🌷🌷

List of Child Ballads – Francis Child collected ballads from England, Scotland and other places in the 19th century. Part of the ethnology fever that also resulted in the work of the brothers Grimm who collected folktales in Germany.

🤠 a medium member just published a list of 560 free online university courses! how great is that?click below for the full listing, and happy learning!

since i’m a compulsive reader and a bibliomaniac I will include in this list of lists as many booklists as i can find. so below is the NYTimes top 100 books in the Modern Library (so that narrowed it down somewhat :). I am proud/dismayed (i cant make up my mind) that I have read about 20 of them…now of course I’m going to spend the next several hours making up my own and thinking about why I would choose them over others ☕️☕️

and here is the modern library’s top 100 non fiction list, which includes Joseph Needham’s multi volume ‘science and civilisation in china’

my top 100 books (i’m not going to narrow it down to any particular period or divide them up into fiction or non-fiction)


1. Gone with the wind – margaret mitchell

2. The Princess Bride –

3. The Lord Of the Rings – Tolkien

4. A Soldier of the Great War – Mark Helprin

5. Shadow of the Wind – carlos ruiz zaifon

6. The Princess and Curdie – george macdonald

7. The Blue Castle – (lucy maude montgomery)

8. Aegypt – John Crowley

9. A Distant Mirror – Barbara Tuchman

10. Letter From Peking- Pearl S. Buck

11. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter – carson McCullers

12. Black Lamb and Grey Falcon – Rebecca West

13. The House on the Strand – Daphne du Maurier

14. Daughter of Time – Josephine Tey

15. The Magus – John Fowles

16. Sister Carrie – Theodore Dreiser

17. Anna Karenina – Tolstoy

18. Dr. Zhivago – Boris Pasternak

19. One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

20. The House of the Spirits – Isabel Allende

21. The Portrait of a Lady – Henry James

22. Chung Kuo – David Wingrove

23. Forever Amber

24. Cryptonomicon – Neal Stephenson

25. Julia – Peter Straub

26. Little House on the Prairie – Laura Ingalls Wilder

27. Tintin

28. THe Princess and the Goblin – George MacDonald

29. The God In Flight – Laura Argiri

30. Rebecca – Daphne Du Maurier

31. The March of Folly – Barbara Tuchman

32. The Hobbit – Tolkien

33. The Waves – Virginia Woolf

34. My Antonia – Willa Cather

35. The Game of Thrones – George RR Martin

36. The Lover – Marguerite Duras

37. Rosemary’s Baby – Ira Levin

38. WInterlong – Elizabeth Hand

39. – Rebel Angels – Robertson Davies

40. Through a Glass Darkly – Karleen Koen

41. – Ethan Frome – Edith Wharton

42. – Presumed Innocent – Scott Turow

43. – The Iliad – Homer

44. – Remembrance of Things Past – Proust

45. Feast of All Saints – anne rice

46. – The French Lieutenant’s woman – John Fowles

47 – By The Pricking of my Thumbs – Agatha Christie

48. – The Witching Hour – Anne Rice

49. – Broca’s Brain – Carl Sagan

50 – Frances Yates

51 – Dictionary of Imaginary Places – Alberto Manguel

52 A Dove of the East and other stories – Mark Helprin

53 – Jacob’s Ladder -?

54. – Illumination Night – Alice Hoffman

55- the White Goddess – Robert Graves

56 – The Silver Wolf – Alice Borchardt

57 – House of Niccolo Series – Dorothy Dunnett

58- The Baroque Trilogy – neal stephenson

59 – The Valley of Adventure – Enid Blyton

60 – The Crystal Sun – Robert Temple

61 – She – H Rider Haggard

62 – Dictionary of the Khazars – Milorad Pavic

63. – The Name of the Rose – Umberto Eco

64 – 1492

65 – Crowds and Power – Elias Canetti

66 – The Clue In the Crumbling Wall Nancy Drew series – Carolyn Keene

67 – Dictionary of Chinese Symbols – Wolfram Eberhardt

68 – Civilization of the Renaissance – jacob burckhardt

69 – Shamanism – Mircea Eliade

70 – the Hero With the Thousand Faces – Joseph Campbell

to be continued

all 339 of the books mentioned in the tv series gilmour girls

below complete list of monarchs who have ruled the korean peninsula all the way from the quasi-mythical Dangun and Gija to the last King of Korea King Soonjong /순종, some 4,200 years of history. I think kids in Korea have to memorize this list for history class. I’m lucky I only had to memorize the list of Canadian Prime Ministers! NOTE: in Canada we have Prime Ministers and not Presidents, because technically we are a constitutional monarchy and our sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II.

List of Canadian Prime Ministers:


special snow edition! il neige! 눈!

list of ‘snowy books, movies, and songs’


‘snow’ by turkish writer Orhan Pamuk ‘kar’ in turkish

one of the saddest movie songs ever – lara’s theme from Dr Zhivago. who can forget that iced-over

house where zhivago and lara spend that winter together – or the sound of the bells on the sleigh as she rides away. and you know they will never see each other again…

much of Dr zhivago does take place in winter- the beginning scene, many of the war scenes.

we associate Russia with winter and snow ❄️ a lot: napoleon’s army freezing to death in the drifts of snow, the Battle of Stalingrad, War and Peace, men and women in their great fur coats and hats

napoleon’s army retreats from russia, unable to deal with the wintry conditions. which just goes to show you he might have been a great strategic thinker but he didnt always have common sense

napoleon in his fur attire

Napoleon epic film by a gance

“snow falling on cedars” movie (1999). a very good book too

smilla’s sense of snow – based on the book by danish author peter hoeg starring julia ormond, one of my favourite actresses

is it true that eskimoes have ? words for snow?

an early le carre spy novel

greenland was chosen for the setting of part of ‘smilla’s sense’ despite the formidable cold

the last bit of frankenstein: “I am done with man”

game of thrones – the great wall of the north. i won’t belabour this one. everybody know that ‘winter is coming'

adrift on an icepan – sir wilfred grenfell tells his story about the time he got stuck on an ice floe. the International Grenfell Association ran the hospital in St Anthony Newfoundland where my father had employment as an xray tech when we first immigrated to Canada. His is a remarkable story.

black robe – brian moore. brian moore is a wonderful irish-canadian writer. his books include: the luck of ginger coffey, the revolution script and others. Black Robe is set in early canadian history and makes you marvel at how the early settlers survived the bitter cold of canadian winters. were they brave or merely foolhardy?

the franklin expedition – of course much has been written and documentaries made about the lostnfranklin expedition and other arctic voyages, ever since the very first attempts to make the arctic passage. so i cant go into all of them here, and i have only recently become interested in this subject. suffice it to say that both arctic and antarctic exploration are subjects thatbare extremely fascinating to many many people both in scientific and literary aspects.

Dan simmons

below the ship named ‘Terror’ part of the Franklin Expedition

Lost Horizon – novel by James Hilton, about the legendary city of shangr-la, which exists, some say nextled inside the mountain peaks of the Himalayas

1937 radio play – a plane crashes in the himalayas. the survivors are found and rescued by some lamas and taken to a hidden city that has a secret

the movie was remade later with olivia Hussey, Michael York, and john gielgud?

🎶let it snow 🎶 – frank sinatra sings

a little about listmania

ok 😌 so i’m feeling a little OCD lately…

i have always liked making lists, reading other peoples’ lists, thinking about ways to order lists

Kant himself wrote about the ‘categorical imperative’, our need to categorize.

there are alphabetical lists, numbered lists, random lists, lists of places we have gone, lists of places we haven’t gone. bucket lists are lists of things we want to do before we die, or ‘kick the bucket’ as the saying goes, menus are lists of food, harpers magazine always has lists on the back which i used to read religiously, back when i still read magazines

19 riddles that the queen of the south aka Sheba put to King 👑 solomon

i wonder what % of the population are listmaniacs

a wonderful list of free courses online put together by a fellow medium blogger

these kinds of books are popular these days. – like below

1000 places to go before you die

there are king lists, of kings in the bible, egyptian kings, endless scholarly wrangling about thecorrect ordering of these lists, inventories are lists, people love to make songlists, i am still in the process of making my booklist of books i have read or at least partially read in alphabetical order

a list of the names of god in the old trstament

the names of jesus

and of course, everyone makes lists of books. the one above is probably one of the longest

the longest one is probably the Library of Congress catalogue

some people separate their booklists fiction or nonfiction, and plays

some people dont

schotts miscellany

somone culled a list of all 339 books mentioned in the tv series Gilmore Girls

they are:

lists of baby names are always popular as well as what they mean

tho in my humble opinion jennings sounds like a butler. and yes, the butler did do it

i almost did name my dot josephine, but not with an f

i have to disagree. i dont think radinka is sexy and hot. reminds me of radishes, which r hot…but not in that way.

besides do you really want to ruin babyhood for your daughter by giving her a sexy hot name?

baby names are always controversial. everyone has an opinion. does it work with your last name? will anyone be able to spell it? will there be 5 kids with the same name on your block? names have fashions too, it seems. the year my daughter went to school there were 5 other girls with the same name. it’s funny how that works.

ezra is a funny name for a girl. Dont do it!!!

list of chinese monarchs

acc to wiki there have been 557 chinese emperors, give or take, between the qin and the qing dynasties. glad i didnt have to memorize that list at school.

we only had to memorize the list of canadian prime ministers

catalogues are lists of things. there was one winter that i spent poring over seed catalogues of flowers i wanted to plant, and then subcategorizing them into lists of those used in perfume

encyclopedias are lists of things and the things we know about them

dictionaries are lists of words and their meanings. i have never seen one that is not in alphabetical order, but then wth the internet i guess it doesnt matter anymore

the dictionary of imaginary places – alberto manguel

linnaues mad. a list of luving things

the periodic table is a list if known elements

herewith a list if lists

and we will begin with a Liszt List – 🎶 composed by Liszt