5zyaaah! Shame on you.

I’ve been thinking about starting a personal blog since I watched Hilary Duff’s movie “The Perfect Man” YEPP that means since forever

and here I am .. I finally decided to start my own blog, for the sake of writing, expressing myself and maybe just getting some stuff off my chest!

nothing fancy .. just whatever is going inside my mind .. which is ALOT

but before sharing my thoughts with you guys, I have to explain the meaning of the word [5zyah]its an Arabic expression; the pronunciation of it would be (Khzyah) which is taken from the word ‘Khuzi’ which basically means [shame]

We use this expression whenever we see something/or someone doing something shameful sometimes the thing is SO NORMAL but it against the traditions

so the person will be like: yaaa 5zyaaaah!! we use number instead of the letter .. you can read more about this topic here if you’re interested

After explaining the word itself I am sure you know where the rest came from I was inspired by the series (sex and the city)

so the blog will be all about random thoughts sometimes it might be in Arabic don’t expect much!