This is how you access the data from an encrypted hard drive

Are you desperately looking to restore or access the data from an encrypted hard drive whose password is forgotten? If so, you should read ahead as this is the ultimate walk-through written just for you. More and more peeps, these days, are switching to data encryption for upping the safety of the info.

But why is this walk-through needed, anyway?

Well, the answer to this is quite simple — the data present on an encrypted hard drive can only be unlocked or accessed with the help of a password. Doubtlessly, any data can be secured only when you protect it using a specific password. Nevertheless, things become pretty worse when you forget that password. And that is exactly when your mind is swarmed with some of these questions:

· Is my data gone forever, now?

· Has the hard drive gone kaput?

· Is there any possible way to get the data back?

The answer to the first two questions is a complete “No”; whereas, the last question has a big, enthusiastic “Yes!” as an answer. So without any further ado, let us solve the mystery of unlocking or accessing the password-protected data right here right now.

Decrypting begins in 3, 2, 1 . . .

First things first

So here is the real deal, peeps — you all need to calm down, first. Should you not calm down, the data and your peace of mind will be lost forever. Unlocking an encrypted hard drive is not that difficult, so just relax. People forget passwords because that is what happens in the real world; that is basically why you need to stop blaming yourself and follow these simple steps.

The certificate matters

While you will encrypt your hard drive, you will receive a specific certificate. And having this certificate is the perfect option for decrypting your hard drive. Now, here are the steps.

· Go to Start

· Afterward, type certmgr.msc

· Now, hit the “Enter” key

· Click Certificate Manager and open it

· Select Personal Folder

· After that, you need to pick Action → All Tasks → Import

· Last, you need to check the Certificate Import Wizard; this should be followed by the on-screen guidance

Once you have done the entire decryption, you need to launch the software and follow all the on-screen steps for recovering your protected data.

Experts are just a call away

If, however, you think that you are somehow unable to follow these steps correctly, then help is just a click away. One simple Google search will give you the contact details of reliable service providers offering the finest solutions related to Windows Recovery in Indianola, Iowa. So, did you like what you have just read? If so, share this useful info with the rest of your friends and family members.