Mr. Sawed-Off: The Man, The Music, Independently

Worldwide independent recording artist has quite an amazing track record for a independent hip-hop recording artist. For starters, the music is original. No one out in a long time does it like he is currently doing it! Second case in point, the man released 5 amazing albums worldwide on the day, July 16, 2013! Independently! Physical AND Digital! Mid-West & South!!!

And to this very day those 5 albums are being streamed & downloaded all around the world on credible stores like Google Play, Itunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Beats Music, Rhapsody, and XBOX Music. Digitally, Mr. Sawed-Off’s reach is quite extensive, being that he can be found on over 300 digital outlets. With all that he has accomplished, and whats on the horizon for him is more promising, being he has a new 2 album release set for February 26, 2016, which he defines as “bold” and a “career maker or career breaker”. One of the albums titled “Ear Candy”, is Mr. Sawed-Off’s first album that offers the listeners no profanity. The other album, titled “The Janitor”, is basically an overaggressive stance on the current state of rap music.

Besides the excitement of the upcoming releases, Mr. Sawed-Off has other reasons to celebrate. Earning the right to better distribution options, and something he never had, a business team, and a solid plan with reachable goals, Mr. Sawed-Off will tread his own waters in the rap game!

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