60dB: Now on the web and offline

We started 60dB because we wanted to build a listening experience that brings together short, timely stories, tailored to each individual’s unique interests and delivered on their schedule. We wanted to create a platform that would update radio for the digital age, offering an experience that is relevant to you right now, with unexpected and delightful stories from a wide mix of sources.

Six weeks ago, we made 60dB available to the public. While we started with an app for iOS, our intent has always been to make 60dB available in all of the places people want to listen. Today, we’re releasing two new features that will help do just that, bringing 60dB to a wider audience and letting listeners enjoy the service in more ways and places.

60dB available on the web in addition to the iPhone

First, 60dB is now available through any web browser. Now, anyone with an internet-connected PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device can sign into 60dB and enjoy a personalized stream of short audio stories. If you already have an account with 60dB, you can sign-in here. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can go to 60dB.co and get our iOS app, or sign up to use it via the web.

Swipe left to add stories to your playlist

Second, by popular demand, we’re enabling offline listening on iOS. Now, you can listen to 60dB even when you don’t have an internet connection. Many of our stories are already available for download, with more to come as new partners make their stories available on 60dB. Here’s how it works — swipe on any story in your feed to add it to your personal playlist. If the story is available for download, we’ll automatically download it for offline listening.

When we released 60dB, we noted that short stories are central to the listening experience. We also believed that with so much of the audio market focused on longer-form podcasts, there was an unfulfilled appetite for short, timely stories — the kind that most consumers get every day on the radio. We love podcasts, and the podcast boom is inspiring; but we believed that short stories would fit more naturally into people’s day than an hour-long podcast.

Our early data bears out these beliefs. Our listeners have listened to stories from thousands of providers in the past few weeks, and while they have access to the most popular long form podcasts on 60dB, they spend the vast majority of their time listening to shorter stories. Despite the shorter duration, audio stories under 10 minutes represent a staggering 70% of all minutes listened to on 60dB.

Not only are our listeners listening to more short audio stories, they’re more engaged with them than they are with podcast-length stories. The short format lends itself to people listening to more stories; on 60dB, they’re more likely to finish what they have started — and less likely to drop off — than what we see with longer-form podcasts. The likelihood that a listener gets to the end of a story is inversely proportional to the length of that story.

For content creators, we can provide detailed engagement data down to the second. This allows them to see how the audience responds to their stories — for example, where people drop out — and have insights into which stories perform best. Over time, these types of analytics will help content creators make better and more engaging stories.

Our team is hard at work continuing to improve the experience and to bring more content partners onto 60dB. Some product changes, like feed improvements, will be less obvious; others will be more noticeable. Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks and months.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Please drop us a note at feedback@60dB.co to share your thoughts.

Happy holidays from the team at 60dB!

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