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Why this topic?

Nowadays, we see many tutorials on Android Penetration testing, mentioning using a rooted device as a substantial requirement.

Using a rooted Android device indeed enables you to do many more actions than using an unrooted one.

However, there are a few overlooked methods while pentesting Android apps that don’t require root access. This time we’re going to dive into a very interesting one, which apparently isn’t very well-known — Android Backup.

Why this method?

I chose to focus on this Android Backup method since there’s a difficulty while trying to access the app’s protected data directory with an unrooted device — AKA data/data/APP_PACKAGE_NAME. …

I have spent too much time searching for a way to add Grommet to a new app which I created using Create React App tool with Webpack 2.
I created this post in order to help anyone who’s having a hard time adding Grommet in Webpack 2.

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert in Webpack nor React, My goal is to provide a solution for anyone who’s stuck when starting with Grommet.

The solution in 10 steps:

Install required dependencies:

  1. install Grommet
yarn add grommetyarn add  —dev grommet-cssyarn add —dev node-sass sass-loader

2. In Webpack config [yarn eject if you haven’t…


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