Curating Social Media LIKES. Yes, It’s Doable.

Why let this cream of the internet be a privilege of Big Data providers? Are you really willing to see and feel what only a few get in touch with?

Because if you think you are, it’s even easier to imagine a rough competition between thousands of apps, all showing off the most liked&shared social media items!

A BuzzSumo like tool, but not just for content. For anything. Anything posted on every social media platform. Compiled. Categorized. Then processed ranked, rated, linked. What a nice structure you got there :) !

Would Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn allow you to take their precious out of the blur?

I bet they wouldn’t!
Nevermind that.

As always, I dare you to think what you could do and not what others should. Build a tool that aggregates all social media apps on any user’s computer! Aggregate them all, and everything users post, passes first through your app.

Well, maybe it’s not about all social apps and all of the users. But what about all social media apps and a lot of users?

Now, why would a lot of users actually use such an aggregator app? Well, let’s see:

  • maybe, because they could use it as a unique log in for all the social media platforms they use? Instead of using multiple usernames they will log in only once, with your app.
  • what if it would be a unique posting portal between all the social media platforms they use? They post just once, and boom! the post goes to each social media platform. You will need some configuration on that, but can’t it be worked out?
  • or maybe because it would be a unique communication portal between all his social media platforms? Why can’t we share on Facebook a post from Linkedin or Twitter? Your user is logged in only with your app, sees there that a friend tagged him on Facebook, decides to comment it and to link it to some twitter post he’s onto right at that moment. He simply does it all, at once, using the unifying interface or your app.
  • or merely because you would give users incentives to use your app? By using it they could see and download various curated data as above. The more they’d use it, the more data they could access.
  • want more top notch on this? Just let us know, we’ll be be glad to go on.

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It will be incredible!

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