Resource|Fullness: 10 Ideas on Curating Web Resources (1)

Thinking on building up curated databases, containing relevant online apps and tools for the niches you master? Just one compulsory condition: think boldly! A flower-shop resource hub, a beauty app megastore, a subscribers review platform…Just add your own to the list bellow!

  1. Startup builder assistant:
  • Ideas apps:,,, etc.
  • Market Research apps:,,,,, etc.
  • MVP apps:,, etc.
  • go on with yours: e.g. UX, presentations, funding, analytics, collaboration, payments, investors, growth hacking, finance, hr, legal,CRM etc.

2. Fintech directory

  • Funding— update and review the latest releases regarding seed funding, accelerators, crowdfunding, venture capital, angel investors, state aid schemes, corporate financing etc.
  • Financial optimization: rate, review and benchmark this large toolkit area; e.g.,,,,, etc.
  • go on with your categories: e.g. ePayment, Personal finance, Financial Security, Banking infrastructure, Bitcoin, Lending etc.

3. Healthcare platform — presently there are over 800,000 apps available for each of the major mobile platforms, iOS and Android. You could start with the following categories:

  • by function: e.g. calculator apps (pregnancy due date, veterinary medicine dose), conference apps (e.g., accompanies a conference often providing access to schedules and resources), diagnosis ( from self-diagnosis to psychological tests), educational content, monitoring/export, motivational, nutrition/diet, reminders (medication reminder, healthcare appointment reminder, and addiction coaching), social media (support groups for specific conditions), tracking/diary, alternative medicine (acupuncture, herbal, homeopathy, meditation, yoga) etc.
  • by topic: medical conditions (diabetes, asthma), areas of specialization (e.g., pharmacology, cardiology), treatments (e.g., surgery, exercise) etc.
  • by target customers: clinician, physician, student, nurse, patient, public, etc.
  • go on with your categories: by price, by region, by region, by most used etc.

Now: can you make money online with these business ideas? I reckon you could: benchmark apps, tools and resources; let subscribers rate apps; keep up-to-date lists; write reviews for new added features; use add-ons; write whitepapers; let founders present their businesses on your site..

To follow:

4. Bloggers widgets

5. Designers toolkit

6. Small business/freelancers database

7. SEO&Growth hacking panel

8.eCommerce — a 3d catalog

9. Leisure &Sports hub

10. Analytics apps -reinvent rating and reviewing

Got an idea on curating apps/tools/resources? Or maybe you are making money with this business right now.

Share here, I’ll be glad to take comments!

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