Regret And Vision On The Path To The Future

Looking back in my life, there are plenty of things that I regret, let me list a few of them here:

When I went to Germany for one year’s exchange study I didn’t completely apply myself in study and socializing, not at all immersed in the culture, instead I was floating on the surface, and I was having so much fun floating there, believing that I was absorbing everything without effort. No, you can’t take the easy path to float around and enjoy your days, you gotta dive into the waves, maybe get choked by the water a little bit, get yourself exhausted by fighting for a way out, that’s fully immersed experience. That’s why tourists are forever only tourists, they don’t do the same work or live the same lives as locals, then they remain tourists. I ended up just a tourist in Germany, a one year long way too time-extensive tourist. That was one thing that I regret a lot.

But things always have two sides, there are things happened in Germany that I don’t regret, such as started reading books in German and English, wrote a long narrative poem, got to know a few awesome friends.

There’s one kind of regret that is “why did I do that”, and there’s another kind of regret “why didn’t I do it”.

While the first type of regret teaches us a lesson, remind us to be more cautious in life, the latter rarely has any real benefits. YouTube grew ever bigger especially since 2012, why didn’t I think of putting videos on YouTube in 2012? This kind of thought is usually no good to you, because you only come up with this regret feeling when you see others succeed. It’s in a way just being jealous of what others have done that you didn’t have the courage or initiative to do yourself. It’s like seeing others winning lottery yesterday, you sigh: “why didn’t I buy a lottery yesterday, maybe I would win instead of him”.

Life rarely shows us the path to our future except for real visionaries. You can’t look back and regret and try to follow up what you missed, instead you need to look forward and try to realize what you haven’t missed out, and that is where you belong to.

It’s true that a certain era may provide an unique stage for some people to exhibit their talents, it happens all the time words like “at the beginning of Internet era, such and such entrepreneur seized the opportunity and created such and such”, but these words just reflect how we human regard history from our limited perspective, we give too much credit to history, fewer to the talents. While I believe a true talent will always persist and prevail no matter what era what age it is.

A successful YouTuber may not only take full advantage of YouTube, he or she may used to be a successful traditional film maker in the past as well, and in the future who knows what platform and what technologies will come out, all I know is that the people with talent, vision, endurance will always stand out in all kinds of different stages of history.

One of the biggest visionary of our generation is Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX, chairman of SolarCity has chosen such a theme: sustainability. This is really a big leap forward for humanity, this is one of the rare occasion when life shows us the path, Elon is one of the first and most extraordinary ones who pioneered on this path. I truly believe solar energy and electric cars will be near future main theme of our civilization just as oil and computer have been our time’s theme right now.

Besides a clear vision, you also need to take active and turn your vision into realization. Whatever your passion is, whatever you love so much and believe in so firmly, stick to it and do it, do more and work harder, that’s the way to a regret-free future.

Just get inspired and do it.