Where is my concentration?

I’m a slow reader, it takes me about 30 minutes to read 10 pages book. I also have problem concentrate myself on one thing, every a few minutes I feel tired of the thing that I was doing, I had to switch to something else and come back to regain focus. Especially with social media on hand, fast, instant information flow in endlessly, it’s hard to resist the temptation of sitting there without moving eyeball or hand, just let a video explain everything I want.

When I read books, I don’t read one book after another, I usually read multiple books at the same time, for example now I have 4 books on my list to finish, I don’t go into one of them, finish it and proceed to the next one, instead, I read a little bit of each one of them every day and in the end I’ll finish them all at once. Because I cannot stand reading one single book, having to deal with one single topic all day long, if I don’t switch, no matter how interesting the book is, I’ll get impatient.

There are exceptions such as when I am trapped on airplane for 10 hours with a book, then yes I can read 40 pages, even 80 pages in a few hours, because I had nothing else to do. But usually I know there are so many things beside book to do, so I just can’t stick to the book.

Sometimes I imagine, what if I clear the schedule of one day, just sit there only read one book, nothing else, get off grid, cut connection with the world, would that work? I don’t know, because I haven’t tried.