CoinJoin. Part II: The Proposals

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Privacy is not an ugly word. You wouldn’t want everyone to be able to read your mail, similarly you don’t want everyone to know what bitcoin you own.

Proposal I: ‘coinjoin’

Proposal II: ‘BitPrivacy’

Proposal III: ‘coinjoin’

Proposal IV: ‘dust-b-gone’

Proposal V: ‘Sharedcoin’

Proposal VI: ‘coinjoin’

Proposal VII: ‘Coinmux’

Proposal VIII: 'darkwallet'

Proposal IX: ‘CoinJumble’

Screenshots of CoinJumble in action (Full Step-By-Step Guide Image)

Proposal X: ‘CoinShuffle’

Proposal XI: ‘JoinMarket’

Proposal XII: ‘Wasabi’ (& more)

Screenshot of Wasabi (source)

Proposal XIII: ‘BustaPay’

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Bonus I: CoinJoin Presentation

Bonus II: origin

Example visualisation (link)

Bonus III: CoinJoinSoduku

Front Page of

Bonus IV: JoinMarket Origin

Bonus V: Compact Confidential Transactions


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