Opening the Door to the Nation’s First Sauna Co-op

View from the bottom sauna bench of The Forge, the nation’s first community-owned mobile sauna. Photo: Haley Cureton.

Just 72 hours after opening membership enrollment to the Public, the 612 Sauna Society Cooperative is more than half way to reaching its goal of 200 Member-Owners. Some are inspired by the heat — others, by the community. Members of the Cooperative receive discounted reservations, always have priority access, and will possess one of the greatest mobile Saunas ever made.

We’ve made it super simple to join. Just go to our web page, check out the many benefits, and scroll down to fill out a brief application. After we receive your application, we’ll send you an invoice. Pay that, and you’re in! Our Kickstarter supporters get their contributions deducted from the $225 Member-Owner share.

Image from Haley’s photo essay documenting the build and first two residencies of the nation’s first community-owned mobile sauna.

We are so fortunate that Founding Member-Owner, artist, and gifted storyteller Haley Cureton documented the build and first two residencies of our new Sauna, The Forge. She displayed the images in a photo essay at our Launch Preview Party at the American Swedish Institute on March 29th.

This photo essay is my attempt to show — through photographs — what a Culture of Health looks like, in one bright spot of the world we live in today.”

Rinsing off in Surly Beer Garden during our Debut Residency in February.

We’ll be sharing more of Haley’s photos in future posts. We’re just offering a sneak peak here to celebrate the 120 of you who made this project possible and already became Member-Owners. If you’re not one, now’s the time to share the bench and get your friends in the door — just 80 spots left!

Guests heating up on a chilly 40 degree March afternoon at last month’s Sauna Society residency at the American Swedish Institute.
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