Freeze-Dried Fruit Crispy

Are freeze-dried snacks healthy?

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Crispy fruits and vegetables are a popular snack nowadays. There is a production process by taking vegetables and fruits through the drying process by freezing (Freeze Dry) or vacuum frying. In order to drain the juice, fresh vegetables and fruits are dried, crispy, and can be preserved for longer, but some trends say that. Crispy fruits and vegetables maybe not be that healthy food because of the various heat processes the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables are almost gone. The only thing left is a snack.

By Ellie Krieger said in the article that “The baking process compromises some of the produce’s ­inherent healthfulness particularly stripping it of vitamin C, which is especially heat-sensitive, and some antioxidants but nutrients such as minerals, fiber, protein, and vitamin A are retained because they are fairly stable in the dry heat of the oven. Also, the crisping of produce is essentially dehydrating it, which can be a nutritional downside, given that the water in fruits and vegetables is valuable for increasing satiety, slowing down consumption, and contributing to the body’s hydration. Dehydrating fruit also concentrates its inherent sugars, making it more calorically dense”

Photo by Maria E Venuto on Unsplash

From the experience that I have eaten crispy fruits. I think dried fruit is not suitable for people who are losing weight because most drying is flavored, flavored, and sweetened with sugar so be careful because if you eat a lot of crispy fruits at a time often, it can lead to obesity. Especially if the crispy fruits you eat have oil from frying or seasoning to add sodium add sugar too. The chances of obesity are even greater should choose to eat fresh fruit better.
But there is also an article by the website Freshly Preserved that says “Freeze-dried fruit doesn’t have higher sugar content than fresh fruit. They are just easier to consume in larger quantities. And since it’s easier to digest.”


Crispy fruits are a snack that is considered more useful than other snacks, so anyone who likes to eat snacks can choose to eat crispy vegetables instead. However, it should be consumed in small amounts. eat a variety of foods and keep exercising for health.



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