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Creating Beautiful Websites In Laravel

If you are a website developer you must be in the search of those technologies that can help you to develop userfriendly websites very quickly and efficiently. Well, we at 61designstreet use Laravel which is a PHP framework for building web applications.

Through this post 61 team is tyring to outline some of the reasons for using Laravel which we have formulated after experience. These reasons will let you know why this technology has gained so much popularity among some top web designing companies.

Why Web Developers Should Use Laravel ?

PHP is a popular language, it is very powerful and easy to use, but Laravel framework will make your work even more simpler. Another amazing feature which Laravel gives us is MVC architecture. MVC is a very famous architecture that most developers use to develop their websites.

The very first model of Laravel was Laravel 1 which was released in June 2011 after which Laravel 2 in September 2011 ,Laravel 3 in February 2012 ,Laravel 4 in May 2013 and the latest version of Laravel which is Laravel 5 was released in February 2015.

Laravel is a framework for PHP which makes programming fun again!

What Is a Web Framework?

A web framework is an architecture design to develop the web application in a systematic and simple manner. A framework provides us the ability to re-use our code and save our precious time and effort of writing the code again and again.

Amazing Features of Laravel

The credit of success of Laravel certainly goes to some of its very amazing features. Some of its top features are:

Single Responsibility Pattern

Laravel provide us an MVC architecture. Developers love to code in Laravel MVC architecture because it separates each component of a web application into an isolated code. We can easily manage this isolated code without having any problem and it doesn’t affect other parts of the application.

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)

Once you write the code you don’t need to repeat it. Once the code is written you can share this code at different components of your application.

Unit Testing

When we write our code we have to test it many times to ensure it will work as intended. Testing is a process which is always done in parallel with writing code and Laravel gives much importance to testing.

Simple and Easy Laravel Authentication

Laravel makes implementing authentication very simple. Every web application will require authentication. Through this the user will be able to login and logout. Laravel gives login, logout and Access Restriction authentications to ensure the security of your web application.

Save Your Time and Cost

We all know that time is money. So Laravel helps us to save our valuable time.Laravel follows the MVC architecture. MVC prevent the code to re-write as we can re-use the code again and again.

Wide Range of Commands

The Laravel provides you with command line interface known as Artisan. Artisan provides you with a wide range of commands in the process of website or application development. The availability of large number commands helps you to very quickly design websites and web applications.

Routing in Laravel

For contolling the HTTP mechanism of the application routing in Laravel is very helpful. The 404 page management,passing parameters, Static page handling and group routing can be very easily done in Laravel.

Automatic Class Loading

Larvel provides the functionality of Class auto loading. This means the automatic loading of PHP classes without any need for manual maintenance of paths.

Form Request Feature

The form request Feature of Laravel 5 provides as the basis for form input validation by binding event listeners internally. This results in automated invoking of the form validation methods and generation of the actual form.

Laravel Community

For any help and support the Laravel Communities are eager to help. At you can go to their Community section where you can take part in forum discussions etc. to clear your doubts.

Laravel vs. Other Frameworks

Laravel is one of the most human logic framework.For creating complex websites and applications Laravel is the best.In Laravel authentication, routing, session, queuing and caching are very simple to use. You can develop your application using Laravel in a very less time.

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