Books vs Movies

Books and movies are a big part of entertainment in our lives, so now comes the big question. Which is better, books or movies? Here are a few reasons for why both books and movies are better than the other.

Books are better than movies because books are detailed and easy to imagine things out. Books are more exciting and the characters you can imagine out before you read the description of them. Books are the original, most of the time. The books never cut out important parts. Most of the time in movies they cut out or completely change the storyline. Those are some key points to why books are better.

Some people would say movies are better because it takes less time to watch a movie. You can download the movie in seconds you don’t have to wait a month for a book to come into the library. Movies are also better because you can see the characters in fuller detail and it is more realistic then if you imagined it out. Books, yet, might be boring at some parts or you don’t get it so wouldn’t it be easier to just watch those parts. These are some reasons that movies are better

These are all good points for why books are better than movies and movies are better than books.That concludes the Book vs Movies debate.

Which do you prefer?
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