Our eyes, thoughts, and history are one

Labeling one another can come from our experiences or ways of living while growing up. This is because our minds and our ways of viewing others are natural, even though it’s not right. Since we naturally come to these labels we start to believe them and adding our criticize . We start to be closed minded. We become ignorant to what each label signifies to others and the harm it is creating. For example, calling someone “illegal” can oppress the group put under this label because with this word the law is dragged into it, creating this tone of sadness and a bias of illegal people being criminals and not being wanted. However, the word “illegal” shouldn’t not be used, but it shouldn’t be a word that you put a human under.

Drugs, guns, or restricting certain actions that harm people can be illegal, therefore using labels to prevent wrong actions from happening is right since it restricts harm from occurring. However, there is multiple other labels out in the world that are exchanged or learned about within families, schools, communities, etc that are used against humans. I use the word “against” because no matter how natural and nonviolent the word is to us, words are offensive, enemies, hurtful, and many other things to other people. “Ghetto” is a word that some people of color may think nothing of, but then there are people that cry when that word is said due to the fact that they have encounter an experience where that word came with a meaning or action to it.

So labels come with stories and some people pick up the word not thinking nothing of it and view it as not harmful putting it into their daily vocabulary. Then there is the group that gets categorized under that label which causes pain. Why create pain when they are humans and have feelings like any other person? Why not just watch what we say and learn about other cultures by being opened minded?

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