The Education System Is Failing Me

The education system need to be reformed. If I had the opportunity to reform the education system I would make many changes around the world.

I would change the way children are taught, the lunches provided, and the things children are taught. In the education system things are corrupt! The education system has been running as a jail system for years.

Schools run from 7 in the morning till 6 in the evening. Most schools don’t even have natural sunlight and the children are forced to wear uniforms not being able to express themselves.

Also, schools run on a grading system. Whether it’s in the classroom, on tests, or on higher tests for the governments satisfaction. I bet you didn’t know that if a child performs poorly on a test — a bunch of kids — there’s a jail created in that state. Kids are usually judged as well by these test scores and their performance that labels them for the rest of their life.

Additionally, school lunches, especially in the United States, are unhealthy are food processed almost like dog food and like food served in the jail system. Because of this more students are becoming obese and not getting the necessary nutrients on a day to day basis.

The school education system needs to be formed, it needs to be innovated, but with out the help of others will be accomplished. Schools are like jails, they’re like factories. This is not the 1800's! This is the 21st century and kids need to be provided a better education along with food to be prepared for the real world.