Is there no way we can convince this wonderful, highly intelligent and talented man to change his mind? Sometimes I just have to believe that our “greater angels” are not doing their jobs!

Like a modern day Job we’ve all watched with tears of compassion our Vice President losing his beloved boy… we lost him as well. That young man was gifted with the ability to do great things for this country. Unfortunately, with his passing, we have also lost the hope of seeing his dad lead this country out of the mess we have created for ourselves.

My prayers are with the Vice President and his family and with the hopes that his son has become one of the “greater angels” who can help us find an avenue to re-open the possibility of Mr. Biden being drafted to stand in the leadership role of President of this nation. He would be the finest choice we have to hold that position in the next four to eight years.

Please reconsider your decision, Mr. Vice President. My son is a 36 year old young attorney still trying to find a full time job. I’m a 76 year old single senior, semi retired Realtor hanging on, like that cat on the fence, to my only home and an uncertain future. Thank God for Mr. Obama’s health care! Now we need you to stand and protect that amazing accomplishment and go forward to create your own!

This current congress needs someone with the experience and ability to bring their childish selves together. As my father used to say; “Bludgeon them with your club of knowledge”! Come on Joe, there are a lot of little people out here praying for you to change your decision not to run. O.K., it’s out of our own selfish need, but I for one, am ready to give what I can to help you make that run if you do. We did it for President Obama and we can do it again for you!

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