Broken-Hearted at 25, The Ups and Downs of Open-Heart Surgery, Part 2
Josh King

Bad news: this is so uncomfortably like my own experience of a mitral valve replacement more than 30 years ago that it made me squirm, badly. I too at 30 years old was the baby in the ward :-)

Good news: I’m still here to squirm having had kids and grandkids in the meantime. (Yo! Angel of Death! Fuck you, fuck you to hell and back you loser, you will take me later, but not yet you asshole, not fucking yet!!!)

And I was in hospital for 3 months all up, from MI to op was three weeks, then a couple of months more for a series of bypass ops on a shattered leg artery resulting from the cause of the MI in the first place.

Best advice I can give is that you tell your physician not to do a blood TEST but do a blood CULTURE, and obviously NOT to give any antibiotic at all before your blood is drawn for the blood culture.

Principle credit for this opinionated asshole still being here to bug you goes to the late Dr. Celia M. Oakley, Dr (now Prof.) Petros Nihoyannopoulos and Dr. Hannah Valentine together with a vast cast of surgeons (eg John Woolf, Chris Blauth, Graeme Poston), anaesthetists, nurses and other health workers who were just doing their job but worked miracles day, after day, after day. After 30+ years the names are fuzzy but the faces are pin-sharp.

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