Charlie Gard has an astonishingly rare untreatable terminal condition meaning he has no sight, no hearing, no movement, cannot breathe or feed or even cry, has irreversible brain damage and failure of his other major organs. There is nothing that can improve or even ameliorate his condition, what’s left of him is a prisoner locked in a failed body.

Great Ormond Street Hospital, the best children’s hospital in the world, and Charlie’s parents have between them done everything on Earth that can be done for Charlie whether that be medically or legally.

There is nothing left to do.

Then along comes neucleoside treatment to muddy the waters.

It guesses, no more than that, that it can offer a 10% improvement for Charlie and in exchange its proposers get to use Charlie as an experiment, for their benefit.

Good deal?

Think about that 10% improvement for a second.

Even if that promise is met more than 10% he’ll still be blind, deaf, unresponsive, and unable to breathe without machines in hospital, etc., etc. and will still be terminally ill, ie. dying.

I think it’s fair to summarise that everyone involved has moved into that morally reprehensible stage of “striving officiously" to preserve life against the interests of the patient.

This is in violation of the Hippocratic Oath for the medics, unethical for everyone involved in the case (except alone Charlie himself) and just awful that it can be allowed to continue in a supposedly advanced allegedly caring society.

EDIT 24/07/2017

Charlie’s parents have acknowledged the evidence and accepted that all hope for Charlie has gone. Frankly the latest findings vindicate every single, and consistent, opinion of the GOSH staff and every single court court judgement right the way up to the ultimate European court which has, surprisingly, sided with the evidence. This has inevitably meant that, almost uniquely, every court has found against the plaintiffs at every possible stage, in this case Charlie’s parents.

Can’t say I’m happy about any of this, but in spite of its absolute inevitability the chances given at every stage have been way more than considerate, and his parents can, if nothing else, know that they couldn’t have done more, even though in the latter stages it became like fighting against sunrise in the morning.

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