Why I've lived in 6 different countries in less than 4 years?

DENMARK — the first stop

Denmark thought me something very important : Enjoy it while it lasts! One of the very rare sunny days. And yes, you still need a jumper on :)

I remember like it was yesterday -the last day of high school in Bratislava, Slovakia. The whole class have successfully graduated and after 4 years we stopped being the kids, who nobody really take seriously. Everyone decided to go their own way, and so did I. My next destination was a University in a small town in the very beautiful Denmark.

My beautiful University. Miss it quite much actually. Weird :)

It was during the first days of August, when I left Slovakia with a car loaded to its maximum and hit the road with my uncle-my personal chaufer :)It was such a long way, you can't even imagine. Sitting uncomfortably next to boxes where everything I ever owned(still don't know why I took almost everything from my home :D) was waiting to be unpacked, I could not wait to finally cross the boarder between Germany and Denmark. After more than 12hours of a drive, we finally came to Horsens and found my alma mater — VIA University College.

Cute streets of Horsens, a new home for almost 2 years :)

Place where I believed my life is going to change completely. And you know what? It really did. I studied at one of the coolest institutions I think there is(was not so sure back then, but I am now :)) You have to understand that VIA is a very special place, which sometimes feels pretty much out of this world. I knew instantly that I am going to love it here. And boy, the first year of Uni was by far the best year of my life. You see, I've always loved to party(well, not that much anymore:)) but the party life in Horsens was crazy. You could find a party anywhere- mostly during the summer, cause winters in Denmark are killer. But summers, how much I love summers in Denmark- BBQs everywhere, parties at the beach, it's warm, but not too hot, you sit with your friends and drink beer. Chilling.

AIESEC party. Not such a big fond of the organization anymore.But the people are pretty cool :)

Anyway, I had never felt as good as during that one year- I was energized, literally everywhere I could possibly be, part of few organizations, going to classes and learning cool stuff and then use it in practice. Meeting people from all around the world (VIA is the most international Uni in DK ) making friends and partying like a rockstar. And even if there were some dissapointments- read boy trouble, broken heart, kilos gained, I will not regret the decision to move to Denmark and start writing the most exciting story of my life so far.

However, it's not all rainbows and unicorns. After my summer trips to India, UK and Romania I came back to Denmark and felt… somehow different. I was bit tired of the same clubs- my second home Crazy Daisy, Viking or Hekkenfelt, meeting same people all the time and talking about how wasted you got last night. So, I decided it's time to move to another city- at least for a little while. And since , during my studies I had to have a 2 internships, I decided to look abroad. Somewhere warm( 2 winters in Denmark and I was left with no vitamin D and honestly bit depressed. There is noooo sun in Denmark , people :)) And guess what, I got offer in one of the best cities in Europe and one of the best cities I have ever lived in — sin city Barcelona :)

Come back to read bit about Barcelona :)

I will definitely never forget my time in Denmark and how much it changed me. I don' t think of material possesions to be cool or not,or even that important anymore. Hell, back in those times I was using ,what felt like 5 kg, Toshiba laptop and it was okay. I learned that friendships are one of the most fragile things there is. New friendships start and old end. In a blink of an eye. And only when you are the very bottom, you get to see who is really there for you. Judgement free, listens to your bullshit over and over again, and helps you, to get through. On the other hand, you learn that people who want to be in your life, will do the impossible to stay in touch.And let's face it, in the age of Skype, Facetime and God knows what else, it ain't that hard anymore. But, what's the best thing about traveling and moving around ? You learn not to sweat the small things(even person like me, who could overanalyzed how somebody has looked at me :D) and to let go off things and people, who only bring negativity to your life. It sounds harsh, but I can honestly say , that learing to let go, is by far one of the best lectures nomad lifestyle gave me.

And if you want to find out some juicy stuff about Barcelona, you won't find in the tour guides, stay tuned. Next blog is coming soon :)

PS : If you want to know some details about studying and living in DK, follow me on Twitter and ask :)

PPS : I apologize for all kinds of grammar mistakes, but I am not a (english) native speaker. So doing my best. Be cool guys :)

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